Title Author Publication Date
Advocates work to sign up children for KidsCare program July 02, 2013
Advocates, State Lawmakers Reaching Out To Jeff Flake On Health-Care Bill Mark Brodie June 21, 2017
Africanized Bees Become Problematic In Arizona After Multiple Hospitalizations Mark Brodie November 05, 2015
Age Of Mistakes: UA Professor Looks At High-Profile Slip-Ups Mark Brodie March 13, 2017
Ahead Of Inauguration, What's The Mood In DC Right Now? Mark Brodie January 19, 2017
AIA To Allow Year-Round Sports Training For High Schoolers Mark Brodie March 13, 2017
AIMS results show small improvements August 02, 2012
Albertsons To Buy Some Arizona Stores Back From Haggen Mark Brodie November 19, 2015
Algorithms May Not Lie, But They Can Have Bias Mark Brodie April 18, 2017
All Eyes On Sen. John McCain — Again — In New Obamacare Repeal Effort Mark Brodie September 19, 2017
All The Ways You Can Resist Arrest Mark Brodie July 11, 2014
All The World — Including Phoenix's Verde And Coronado Parks — Is A Stage Mark Brodie June 02, 2016
Allegiant Air To End Route At Gateway Airport Mark Brodie January 28, 2014
Amazon Increases Physical Presence, Tax Collection Mark Brodie April 13, 2017
Amazon's Effect On Arizona's Economy Mark Brodie February 04, 2016
American Airlines Continues Moving Operations Out of Phoenix Mark Brodie August 09, 2016
American Bar Association Sues U.S. Education Department Mark Brodie April 18, 2017
American Legion To Open Crisis Center In Phoenix Mark Brodie June 06, 2014
American Pharoah's Trainer A Product Of Arizona Race Track Industry Program Mark Brodie June 05, 2015
American Rivers’ Colorado River Basin Director Discusses Endangered List Mark Brodie April 12, 2017
Amid Heat Wave, Australia Facing Similar Issues As Arizona Summers Mark Brodie February 23, 2017
An East Valley Exhibit Featuring The Lost Boys Of Sudan Mark Brodie October 17, 2014
Analysis shows impact of sales tax simplification unclear March 13, 2013
Analysis: Arizona Spends $4000 Less Per Student Than National Average Mark Brodie April 19, 2016
Analysis: Majority of English-Language-Learner Students Born In US Mark Brodie January 24, 2017