Title Author Publication Date
Capitol Buy Back Would Cost $105 Million January 11, 2012
Car Companies Use Technology To Adapt Vehicles To Older Drivers Mark Brodie August 25, 2015
CARE Team Working Through Uninvestigated CPS Cases Mark Brodie January 07, 2014
Casa Grande Students Make Big Discovery At Utah Dig Mark Brodie May 23, 2014
CDC Report Looks At Infections Patients Receive In Hospitals Mark Brodie March 28, 2014
CDC report shows 7.5 percent of Arizonans have diabetes November 20, 2012
CDC says 2012 more active for West Nile Virus than past years August 01, 2012
CDC: Arizona's Obesity Rate Steady Mark Brodie September 04, 2014
CDC: Some Arizona vaccination rates higher than national average for teens August 31, 2012
CDC: Teen drinking and driving down more than 50 percent since 1991 October 02, 2012
CDC: Valley Fever cases in Arizona, Southwest, rise March 28, 2013
Celebrating 25 Years Of 'Bust A Move' Mark Brodie May 23, 2014
Celebrating 30 Years Of Arizona Program To Protect Archaeological Sites Mark Brodie June 07, 2016
Cell phone ban for teen drivers clears legislative panel February 13, 2013
Census Bureau Finds Arizona's Hispanic, Older Population Growing Mark Brodie June 24, 2016
Census Bureau: Maricopa County is popular county to move into and out of March 28, 2012
Census Report: Arizona Vacancy Rate For Rental Housing Is Up Mark Brodie February 28, 2014
Census: Maricopa County Fastest-Growing County In US Mark Brodie March 23, 2017
Census: More U.S. Counties Saw Boost In Median Household Income In 2014-2015 Mark Brodie January 02, 2017
Center for Responsive Politics Weighs In On Water Lobbying Amid Drought Mark Brodie April 17, 2015
Central Arizona Project Using Buzzfeed As An Advertising Strategy Mark Brodie September 03, 2015
Central, PHX: Bethany Home Road To Northern Avenue Mark Brodie April 09, 2015
Central, PHX: McDowell Road To Bethany Home Road Mark Brodie April 03, 2015
Central, PHX: Northern Avenue To North Mountain Mark Brodie April 10, 2015
Central, PHX: Salt River To McDowell Road Mark Brodie April 02, 2015