Title Author Publication Date
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Brave New Words: What This Year’s Words Tell Us About 2015 Mark Brodie December 22, 2015
Brewer Asks Arizona Supreme Court to Overturn Medicaid Ruling Mark Brodie May 14, 2014
Brewer Reveals Budget Proposal Mark Brodie January 17, 2014
Brewer Signs Bill To Repeal Controversial Election Law Mark Brodie February 27, 2014
Brewer taking a wait-and-see approach to DOJ report December 16, 2011
Brewer vetoes health care price bill April 12, 2013
Brexit, Ukraine Talks On Agenda For This Week Mark Brodie June 19, 2017
British Airways Adding Flights, American Lessening Role At Sky Harbor Mark Brodie January 03, 2017
Broker: Multi-Family Housing Market 'Very Hot' In Phoenix Area Mark Brodie October 22, 2015
Brophy McGee Suggests Separating DES Programs Mark Brodie December 20, 2013
Brown Cloud Over The Valley Signifies Greater Air Quality Problems Mark Brodie November 22, 2013
Budget Approval Allows Converted Charter Schools To Keep Operating Mark Brodie March 28, 2014
Budget Cuts May Force Geologists To Stop Mapping Arizona's Fissures Mark Brodie July 19, 2016
Budget Work Begins At The Capitol Mark Brodie May 03, 2017
Budget Work Continues At Arizona Capitol Mark Brodie April 29, 2016
Building A Competitive U.S.-Mexico Border Mark Brodie June 15, 2017
Building An Export-Based Economy For The Valley Mark Brodie June 28, 2016
Building Climate-Resilient Infrastructure In Phoenix, Across The Country Mark Brodie August 30, 2016