Title Author Publication Date
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Bill Critics Say Would Set Up 'Predatory Loans' To Go Before Senate Panel Mark Brodie March 21, 2017
Bill preventing destruction of guns passes Senate April 02, 2013
Bill To Ban Cell Phones For New Drivers Advances Mark Brodie April 15, 2014
Bill to ban immunization requirements in higher education advances January 25, 2012
Bill to ban texting while driving motors on January 26, 2012
Bill To Change Citizen Initiative Process Moves To Arizona House Mark Brodie February 17, 2017
Bill to count gold, silver as legal tender moving in legislature April 05, 2013
Bill To Create 'Silver Alert' Advances For Missing Elderly Mark Brodie March 18, 2014
Bill To Create Arizona Lieutenant Governor Clears Committee Mark Brodie January 28, 2016
Bill To Repeal Controversial Election Law Delayed Mark Brodie January 23, 2014
Bill would exempt more employees from unemployment benefits April 10, 2013
Bill Would Open Up Western Arizona To Electronic Billboards Mark Brodie February 12, 2016
Bill Would Turn Off Photo Enforcement Cameras Across Arizona Mark Brodie February 27, 2017