Title Author Publication Date
Proposition 100 sales tax expires Friday May 31, 2013
Proposed Mexican Gray Wolf Changes Raise Eyebrows Mark Brodie December 06, 2013
Proposed measure would allow Arizona voters to declare a federal law unconstitutional April 02, 2012
Proposed Arizona photo radar ban defeated March 06, 2012
Proposal To Expand School-Voucher Bill Stirs Debate Mark Brodie February 13, 2017
Prop. 206 Affecting Phoenix-Based Peanut Butter Company Mark Brodie July 13, 2017
Prop 100 critic: Tax increase not the end of the world May 25, 2013
Promise Arizona Discusses Trump's New Immigration Policies Mark Brodie February 22, 2017
Program Treats Traumatic Brian Injuries In Domestic Violence Cases Mark Brodie October 30, 2014
Program To Connect Veterans To Services Set To Launch In Maricopa County Mark Brodie November 11, 2016
Program Helps Central High School Students Stay On Track For Graduation Mark Brodie December 04, 2015
Professors Weigh In On Climate Change, EPA Nominee Mark Brodie January 05, 2017
Professor Looking To Dogs To Treat Diseases In Humans Mark Brodie March 02, 2017
Professor Discusses School Voucher Programs Across US Mark Brodie April 10, 2017
Professor Darlene Cavalier Talks About Citizen Science Research Projects Mark Brodie April 08, 2015
Professor Argues Benefits Drug Tests Should Be Expanded To Rich Mark Brodie April 20, 2017
Private Aviation Faces Pilot Shortage Mark Brodie August 08, 2016
Primary to fill Giffords' seat held Tuesday April 17, 2012
Presumptive U of A President to be in Tucson February 10, 2012
President Trump's Phoenix Visit Big Moment For Him And Arizona Mark Brodie August 21, 2017
President Trump's Phoenix Rally To Be Mixture Of Politics, Policy? Mark Brodie August 22, 2017
President Trump Discusses Arizona Senators At Phoenix Rally, Though Not By Name Mark Brodie August 23, 2017
President Obama Announces New Action On Guns Mark Brodie January 05, 2016
Preserving Historic Buildings At Arizona State Fairgrounds Mark Brodie October 10, 2014
Preparing For The Arizona Primary Election Mark Brodie August 22, 2014