Title Author Publication Date
ASU, PayPal To Buy Solar Power From APS-Operated Solar Plant Mark Brodie January 16, 2017
At The State Capitol, There's Plenty For Legislators To Do Mark Brodie March 13, 2017
Athletes Look To Gain An Edge Gulping Deep Blue Sea Water Mark Brodie October 04, 2016
Attending An Arizona Fall League Game Mark Brodie October 18, 2013
Attorney Explains Lawsuit Challenging Arizona's Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws Mark Brodie July 23, 2015
Attorney Mel McDonald On The Dismissal Of Debra Milke's Charges Mark Brodie December 12, 2014
Attorney On Uncounted Provisional Ballots In Arizona Elections Mark Brodie December 03, 2014
Attorney: Make Arizona State Bar Membership Voluntary Mark Brodie October 15, 2015
Attorneys File Briefs Urging Judge To Not Throw Out Former Sheriff Arpaio's Conviction Mark Brodie September 12, 2017
Audit Finds Inconsistent Oversight, Administration Of Move On When Reading Mark Brodie March 31, 2016
Audit Finds Phoenix Convention Center Expansion Paying Off Mark Brodie June 28, 2017
Author Examines Inside Threats, Leaked Classified Information Mark Brodie July 06, 2017
Author Recounts Journey From Somali Civil War To Arizona Mark Brodie May 30, 2014
Author Writes About When We Become Obsessed With Our Smartphones Mark Brodie February 06, 2017
Author, Urbanist Richard Florida On The New Urban Crisis Mark Brodie May 19, 2017
Autopsy Confirms Crandell's Cause of Death Mark Brodie August 06, 2014
Avondale City Council Appoints New Mayor Mark Brodie June 04, 2014
Avondale Hopes To Attract Development By Using $2M To Offset Impact Fees Mark Brodie June 04, 2015
Avondale Mayor Resigns To Run For County Board Of Supervisors Mark Brodie May 27, 2014
Avondale mayor takes over presidency of National Cities Group December 05, 2012
Avondale Rebrands Mark Brodie May 09, 2014
Axon Launches Citizen Evidence Gathering Tool Mark Brodie October 30, 2017
AZ bill aims to open more school playgrounds, fields February 24, 2012
AZ Budget Cuts Could Shut High School Freshmen Out of Some Classes July 06, 2011
AZ Congressional races shaping up to be competitive March 05, 2012