Title Author Publication Date
Arizona Unemployment Rate Up in June Mark Brodie July 17, 2014
Arizona universities ask for tuition increases March 16, 2013
Arizona Urban Counties Have Biggest Drop In Teen Birth Rates Mark Brodie December 05, 2016
Arizona Urban Land Institute's Trends Day Discusses The State's Real Estate Issues Mark Brodie January 29, 2015
Arizona Using Satellite-Based Technology to Measure, Track Subsidence Mark Brodie August 15, 2017
Arizona utilities say they are ready for summer demand April 27, 2013
Arizona voter registration numbers down January 24, 2012
Arizona Voters Could Decide Changes To 2 Election-Related Agencies Mark Brodie February 12, 2016
Arizona Voters Could See Clean Elections Measure On November Ballot Mark Brodie April 12, 2016
Arizona voters to decide state sovereignty May 02, 2012
Arizona voters to decide state sovereignty measure in 2014 May 14, 2013
Arizona Votes To Approve More Education Funding In Election Mark Brodie November 04, 2015
Arizona Voucher Expansion Supporters Head To Court December 01, 2017
Arizona Water Officials Remind Community Gardeners About Groundwater Law Mark Brodie November 29, 2016
Arizona Will Add Jobs This Year Mark Brodie February 14, 2014
Arizona Workers Get Time Off To Vote Mark Brodie November 03, 2014
Arizona WWII Memorial Dedicated Saturday Mark Brodie December 06, 2013
Arizona's Air Traffic Controller — For Space Mark Brodie May 17, 2016
Arizona's August Unemployment Rate Higher Mark Brodie September 18, 2014
Arizona's Child Welfare Agency Asks For Funding Increase Alexandra Olgin January 07, 2016
Arizona's Copper Industry Closely Watches China's Economic Slowdown Mark Brodie July 30, 2015
Arizona's DNC Delegates Ready To Work Mark Brodie July 29, 2016
Arizona's Highways Rank Middle Of The Pack Nationally Mark Brodie September 30, 2016
Arizona's La Paz County Has One Of Largest Senior Populations In US Mark Brodie July 16, 2015
Arizona's Legislature Tackles Common Core Mark Brodie March 20, 2015