Title Author Publication Date
School guns bill gets House committee hearing March 27, 2013
School Districts Scrambling From Teacher Shortage Mark Brodie August 08, 2014
School Districts Look To Possibly Move To A 4-Day Week Mark Brodie February 19, 2015
School Choice, Taxes, Clean Elections On Legislature Agenda This Week Mark Brodie February 13, 2017
Scalpers Who Work Together May Offer Best Deals For Ticket Sales Mark Brodie June 26, 2015
SBA Approves Loans For Last Month's Flood Damage Mark Brodie September 09, 2014
Sandstone Arch To Temporarily Close Mark Brodie December 24, 2014
San Diego May Have Been Popular for Humans Much Earlier Than Previously Thought Mark Brodie May 05, 2017
San Carlos Apache Tribe Continues Protest Against Resolution Copper Mine Mark Brodie July 30, 2015
Same-Sex Phoenix Couple Denied Chance For Homecoming Crowns Mark Brodie October 03, 2014
Same Sex Lawsuits Similar To Those Around The Country Mark Brodie March 14, 2014
Sahara Desert Wasn't Always Covered In Sand Dunes Mark Brodie February 10, 2017
Safeway May Be Up For Sale Mark Brodie February 21, 2014
Russell Pearce loses comeback bid August 28, 2012
Rural hospitals looking for answers on health care exchange November 29, 2012
Rural Career Education Officials Worried About Ducey's Budget Proposal Mark Brodie January 22, 2016
Round Up Of New Bills Taking Effect In Arizona Mark Brodie July 03, 2015
Roosevelt Row Plans For Its Future Annika Cline February 21, 2014
Roosevelt Row May Face Rising Rent After 'Great Places In America' Nomination Mark Brodie October 09, 2015
Romney: America needs to get off current road April 20, 2012
Romney makes campaign stop in Arizona on Friday April 19, 2012
Rollin' on the river in the West Valley March 09, 2013
Rocky Road For Proposed Settlement Between Uber, Drivers Mark Brodie June 09, 2016
Rocky Point Resident Weighs In On Shooting Mark Brodie December 20, 2013
Rock Climbers Worry About Losing Oak Flat To Resolution Mine Mark Brodie June 21, 2016