Title Author Publication Date
Scottsdale And Tempe Make The 2014 List Of Most Livable Cities Mark Brodie October 25, 2013
Scottsdale Adds Land To McDowell Sonoran Preserve Mark Brodie November 19, 2013
Scottsdale Adds Itself To Arizona List Of 'Golden Rule Cities' Mark Brodie April 28, 2017
Scorecard Gives Three Arizona Police Departments Poor Marks On Body Camera Policies Mark Brodie August 02, 2016
Scientists, Scholars Meet To Discuss Future Of Zika Virus Mark Brodie February 19, 2016
Scientists Worry, Wait As Contaminated Water Approaches Glen Canyon Area Mark Brodie August 11, 2015
Scientists to temporarily lose contact with Mars rover Curiosity March 30, 2013
Scientists Research Sound Recording In Space Mark Brodie May 08, 2015
Scientists Research High Methane Levels In The Four Corners Region Mark Brodie April 16, 2015
Schweikert Discusses Prognosis For Another Repeal Effort Of ACA Mark Brodie March 31, 2017
Schools Struggle To Pay For Common Core Implementation July 31, 2013
Schools And Programs For Adults With Autism Mark Brodie August 20, 2014
School official: Prop 100 spared deeper education cuts May 18, 2013
School guns bill gets House committee hearing March 27, 2013
School Districts Scrambling From Teacher Shortage Mark Brodie August 08, 2014
School Districts Look To Possibly Move To A 4-Day Week Mark Brodie February 19, 2015
School Choice, Taxes, Clean Elections On Legislature Agenda This Week Mark Brodie February 13, 2017
Scalpers Who Work Together May Offer Best Deals For Ticket Sales Mark Brodie June 26, 2015
SBA Approves Loans For Last Month's Flood Damage Mark Brodie September 09, 2014
Sandstone Arch To Temporarily Close Mark Brodie December 24, 2014
San Diego May Have Been Popular for Humans Much Earlier Than Previously Thought Mark Brodie May 05, 2017
San Carlos Apache Tribe Continues Protest Against Resolution Copper Mine Mark Brodie July 30, 2015
Same-Sex Phoenix Couple Denied Chance For Homecoming Crowns Mark Brodie October 03, 2014
Same Sex Lawsuits Similar To Those Around The Country Mark Brodie March 14, 2014
Sahara Desert Wasn't Always Covered In Sand Dunes Mark Brodie February 10, 2017