Title Author Publication Date
Arizona One Of Many States Thinking About Military Base Encroachment Mark Brodie September 03, 2015
Arizona Opera Is First American Company To Perform German Piece 'Arizona Lady' Mark Brodie October 16, 2015
Arizona Opera Moves Into New Digs October 04, 2013
Arizona Organizations Work To Reduce The Number Of Disconnected Youth In The Valley Mark Brodie December 03, 2014
Arizona Poet Celebrates Oddity In 'The Philosophy Of Unclean Things' Mark Brodie August 10, 2016
Arizona Poet Laureate Pens Poem On 5th Anniversary Of Tucson Shootings Mark Brodie January 08, 2016
Arizona Poised For Active Fire Season Mark Brodie April 21, 2016
Arizona Political Candidates Reveal Campaign Finance Numbers Mark Brodie October 16, 2015
Arizona Pollsters: Debates Could Shift State's Favor In Presidential Race Mark Brodie September 23, 2016
Arizona Population Among Youngest In The Country Mark Brodie January 02, 2014
Arizona population growth among highest in the country over last year December 20, 2012
Arizona Population Growth In Top 10 Nationally Mark Brodie December 26, 2017
Arizona preservationists list most endangered historic places March 02, 2013
Arizona Presidential Primary Ballot: Cruz, Bush, Carson ... And You? Mark Brodie November 17, 2015
Arizona Prison Population Remains Flat July 25, 2013
Arizona Psychiatrist Draws From Experience As Bosnian Refugee To Help Patients Mark Brodie July 09, 2015
Arizona Public Universities Propose New Benefit Plans For Employees Mark Brodie February 13, 2015
Arizona Puts Contingency Plan In Place to Fund Kids Health Care Program Mark Brodie November 29, 2017
Arizona Ranked As 27th Most Religious State Mark Brodie March 04, 2016
Arizona Ranked By Tax Foundation In Annual Index Mark Brodie October 25, 2013
Arizona Ranks 12th In U.S For Deaths From Injury Mark Brodie June 18, 2015
Arizona ranks 49th in spending per student June 21, 2012
Arizona Ranks Among Top Half Of States In Electric Vehicles Mark Brodie September 18, 2015
Arizona Ranks High In Energy Efficiency Mark Brodie October 30, 2014
Arizona ranks in middle of new highway study July 08, 2013