Title Author Publication Date
Arizona lawmakers to take up bill on gender-specific places March 19, 2013
Arizona lawmakers to take up school safety measures February 24, 2013
Arizona Lawmakers Unlikely To Take Up Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Mark Brodie April 15, 2016
Arizona Lawmakers Voting On New State Budget Mark Brodie May 03, 2016
Arizona Lawmakers, Business Leaders On Trade Mission To Mexico Mark Brodie August 22, 2017
Arizona Lawsuit On Voter Intimidation Concerns Heads To Court Thursday Mark Brodie November 01, 2016
Arizona Legislative Leaders Working To Draw Support For Budget Proposal Mark Brodie April 26, 2016
Arizona Legislators Continue Debate On Campaign Finance Bill Mark Brodie March 29, 2016
Arizona legislature expected to vote this week on CPS money January 29, 2013
Arizona Legislature May Hold Special Session Mark Brodie June 04, 2015
Arizona Legislature Picks New Leaders For 2017 Mark Brodie November 10, 2016
Arizona Legislature sues Independent Redistricting Commission June 07, 2012
Arizona Legislature Tackles Pension Reform, Ballot Harvesting Mark Brodie February 05, 2016
Arizona Legislature Takes Up Drone Regulations Mark Brodie February 16, 2016
Arizona Legislature Talks Guns, Abortion, Health Care Mark Brodie March 04, 2016
Arizona Libraries Evolve For The Future Mark Brodie December 11, 2014
Arizona Looks To Join Multi-State Medical Licensing Compact Mark Brodie February 02, 2016
Arizona Low-Income Families Face Difficult Decisions When Benefits Run Out Mark Brodie March 08, 2016
Arizona Making Progress In Fight Against Cancer, But More Work To Do Mark Brodie August 11, 2016
Arizona May Be In Danger Of Losing No Child Left Behind Waiver September 20, 2013
Arizona May Need To Re-Think Trade To Benefit from Trans-Pacific Partnership Mark Brodie October 08, 2015
Arizona mayors propose sales tax simplification plan March 20, 2013
Arizona Mayors Push For Money To Speed Up Border Transportation Project Mark Brodie April 28, 2016
Arizona Mayors: Keep local decisions local March 07, 2012
Arizona median household income drops 3 percent between 2010-11 September 21, 2012