Title Author Publication Date
Arizona Corporation Commission To Decide On Electric Market Deregulation September 06, 2013
Arizona Could Be Facing $100 Million Budget Shortfall Mark Brodie October 16, 2017
Arizona Could Face Lawsuit Over Funding For School Building, Maintenance Mark Brodie May 26, 2016
Arizona Court Rules MCCD Seats Unconstitutional Mark Brodie July 25, 2014
Arizona Court Rules More Shoplifting Defendants Entitled to Jury Trial Mark Brodie April 24, 2014
Arizona Coyotes Face Investigations By Labor Board Mark Brodie November 16, 2017
Arizona Coyotes Look For New General Manager Mark Brodie April 12, 2016
Arizona Coyotes Offer Street Hockey Clinics Around The Valley Mark Brodie May 22, 2015
Arizona Coyotes' Search For New Home Continues Mark Brodie February 09, 2017
Arizona CPS Scandal Surprising In Scope Mark Brodie December 06, 2013
Arizona Democrats Hoping For 15-15 State Senate Split Mark Brodie September 02, 2016
Arizona Democrats propose gun control, school safety measures January 09, 2013
Arizona Dental Association: Oral Health A Matter Of Coverage, Not Access Mark Brodie April 14, 2017
Arizona dentists providing free care Friday, Saturday December 06, 2012
Arizona Education Board Teacher Representative On Replacing Common Core Mark Brodie December 20, 2016
Arizona Education Board Votes To Authorize 2 Lawsuits Against Diane Douglas Mark Brodie September 17, 2015
Arizona Education Leaders Set Goals For Students Mark Brodie August 17, 2017
Arizona Education: Lawmakers Review Proposed Settlement Deal Mark Brodie October 27, 2015
Arizona Election Day Brings Voters, Signature Gatherers To Polls Mark Brodie May 17, 2016
Arizona Environmentalist Weighs In On What EPA's Top Issues Might Be Mark Brodie February 23, 2017
Arizona Fall League Opens With New Pace-of-Play Testing Mark Brodie October 10, 2017
Arizona Farms Struggle To Find American Workers Mark Brodie April 04, 2017
Arizona Federal Judicial Nominees Represent Diversity Mark Brodie January 31, 2014
Arizona Follows Other States' Lead In CPS Separation Mark Brodie January 17, 2014
Arizona Forward President To Step Down At End Of The Year Mark Brodie July 17, 2017