Title Author Publication Date
Arizona gas prices continue falling November 15, 2012
Arizona gas prices continue to drop May 31, 2012
Arizona gas prices down November 08, 2012
Arizona Gas Prices Drop Before Labor Day Mark Brodie August 28, 2014
Arizona gas prices on the rise February 14, 2013
Arizona Gas Prices Up Slightly This Memorial Day Mark Brodie May 22, 2014
Arizona Gets $402,000 Grant To Improve Lab Bio-Safety Mark Brodie October 16, 2015
Arizona Gets 'D' In State Integrity Report, Still Ranks In Top Half Of States Mark Brodie November 10, 2015
Arizona Gets CDC Grant To Fight Hospital-Acquired Infections Mark Brodie March 29, 2016
Arizona Gets Good Grade for Financial Literacy July 16, 2013
Arizona gets money to screen for alcohol, drug abuse July 31, 2012
Arizona Gets New State Park Mark Brodie June 01, 2017
Arizona GOP Hires New State Director Mark Brodie September 14, 2017
Arizona Gov. Ducey Takes Step To 'Ban The Box' In Hiring Process Mark Brodie November 07, 2017
Arizona Gov. Ducey's Budget Proposal Met With Mixed Reaction Mark Brodie January 16, 2017
Arizona group prints Spanish-language guide to ballot measures October 02, 2012
Arizona Group Wants Mexican Visitors to Travel Entire State Mark Brodie November 10, 2015
Arizona Has 8th Highest Poverty Rate In The Country Mark Brodie September 26, 2014
Arizona Has Second-Biggest Rise In Higher Education Enrollment Mark Brodie December 19, 2014
Arizona Health Care Experts Worried About AHCA Mark Brodie May 05, 2017
Arizona High School Civics Bill Just A Start For Civics Education Mark Brodie January 15, 2015
Arizona Highways Magazine Highlights Historic Landmarks Mark Brodie February 18, 2016
Arizona Highways Magazine Searching For Missing 1930 Issue Mark Brodie November 06, 2017
Arizona Highways Photo Contest Winner Has Won Before Mark Brodie August 22, 2014
Arizona Hospitals Brought In $500M From Medicaid Expansion Last Fiscal Year Mark Brodie April 28, 2016