Title Author Publication Date
Arizona business leaders promote Common Core standards January 16, 2013
Arizona business leaders pushing for new education standards March 01, 2013
Arizona Businesses Getting Guidance On Implementing Prop. 206 Sick-Leave Requirements Mark Brodie May 30, 2017
Arizona Businesses Will Be Able To Register As Benefit Corporations In 2015 Mark Brodie December 18, 2014
Arizona Capitol News: New Laws Starting To Go On The Books Mark Brodie March 18, 2016
Arizona Capitol Press Corps Regains House Floor Privileges Mark Brodie April 12, 2016
Arizona Cardinals In Contention For Top Seed In NFC Mark Brodie December 29, 2015
Arizona Career And Technical High Schools Impacted By Budget Cuts Mark Brodie May 08, 2015
Arizona Cart Services Handles Stray Shopping Carts Across The Valley Mark Brodie March 26, 2015
Arizona Chamber President "thrilled" with Governor's executive order June 27, 2012
Arizona cities among safest for drivers August 28, 2012
Arizona Cities Among Top Meeting Destinations Mark Brodie September 26, 2014
Arizona cities and towns urge veto of election bill May 03, 2012
Arizona Cities Decry 'City Punishment' Bill Mark Brodie March 17, 2016
Arizona Cities Ranked Among Top Digital Cities Mark Brodie November 20, 2014
Arizona Cities Trying To Change State Law They Say Unfairly Punishes Them Mark Brodie January 24, 2018
Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission Didn't Vote On 'Dark Money' Rule Mark Brodie August 20, 2015
Arizona Clean Elections Commission Delays Vote On 'Dark Money' Rule Mark Brodie July 24, 2015
Arizona Clean Elections Commission Set To Vote On 'Dark Money' Rule Mark Brodie October 29, 2015
Arizona Climatologist Talks About Possible Impact Of El Nino Mark Brodie July 28, 2015
Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva Discusses Arrest During Protest At Trump Tower Mark Brodie September 20, 2017
Arizona Conservatives Form Immigration Reform Group Mark Brodie December 16, 2016
Arizona continues efforts to lure high-paying jobs May 25, 2012
Arizona Continues to Add Independent Voters Mark Brodie October 30, 2013
Arizona Continues Working To Clear Rape Kit Backlog Mark Brodie November 01, 2016