Peter O'Dowd

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Title Author Publication Date
Resort And Hotel Fees Soar To New Heights August 23, 2013
Reports reveal details in Tucson shooting March 27, 2013
Report: West Phoenix blight improving May 29, 2013
Report: Urban growth to raise temperatures August 13, 2012
Report: Dever was legally drunk October 05, 2012
Rep. Issa Brings Healthcare Debate to Arizona Peter O'Dowd December 06, 2013
Regents tout bump in college degrees October 16, 2012
Provisional ballots an issue across Valley on Election Day November 06, 2012
Private colleges eye Phoenix suburbs November 30, 2012
President's message of high-tech jobs will require focus on education January 26, 2012
Prescott Plans For One Year Anniversary Of Yarnell Hill Fire Peter O'Dowd March 28, 2014
Power Outage Creates Delays At Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Peter O'Dowd May 22, 2014
Poll: Occupy, Tea Party movements lose respect in Arizona January 20, 2012
Police identify white supremacist as Gilbert shooter May 03, 2012
Police Bust Phoenix Motel For Drugs, Guns Sarah Ventre May 21, 2014
Planners submit wishlist for Mexico trade September 25, 2012
Plan For Tonopah Egg Farm Causes Stink Peter O'Dowd January 09, 2014
Phoenix: $100K for white rooftops April 25, 2013
Phoenix to track Wright's work after demolition flap October 11, 2012
Phoenix to revamp ethics policies September 10, 2012
Phoenix Police Officer Funeral Procession Will Close Some Roads Peter O'Dowd March 10, 2014
Phoenix police arrest New Year's shooters January 02, 2013
Phoenix parks have kept pace despite years of fast growth May 23, 2012
Phoenix mayor to be sworn in today January 03, 2012
Phoenix housing market undeniably up May 07, 2012