Peter O'Dowd

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Title Author Publication Date
Zero new homes sold in Tempe and Avondale in April June 17, 2013
With Eye on Arizona, Obama to Visit Phoenix January 18, 2012
Wind stokes mulch fire in South Phoenix May 28, 2013
Why Long Hours Are Good For Young Docs June 13, 2014
Who’s Shooting Arizona’s Wild Burros? Peter O'Dowd February 28, 2014
Who's killing wild burros near Lake Pleasant? March 27, 2012
Whistle-blower accuses Attorney General of campaign violations April 02, 2012
Westminster College Pulls Out Of Mesa Peter O'Dowd April 22, 2014
Western US incomes drop 4 percent September 12, 2012
Wells Fargo Lays Off 300 in Arizona August 21, 2013
Voters Who Register Without Proving Citizenship To Get Separate Ballot On Election Day October 08, 2013
Voters to consider change to state's primary elections July 06, 2012
Victims of gun violence protest outside Senator Jeff Flake's office May 02, 2013
US Airways And American Airlines Employees Argue Merger In Washington DC September 17, 2013
Unloading the House, Untying the Knot July 20, 2011
Unloading the House, Untying the Knot July 20, 2011
Universities participate in flu pandemic drill Tuesday November 21, 2012
Underwater mortgages tick upward March 02, 2012
UA: Flu peaks related to humidity extremes March 15, 2013
U.S. Commerce Department promoting cross-border trade August 29, 2012
U of A Moves MBA Students To Downtown Phoenix Peter O'Dowd March 20, 2014
Two Republicans to square off for District 6 seat February 06, 2012
Tucson Heroin Bust Worth $7.5 Million Peter O'Dowd June 17, 2014
Truck plummets 200 feet into canyon April 30, 2013
Tribal Members Claim Discrimination Over 202 Expansion July 30, 2013