Dennis Lambert

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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Court: Child's Objection Alone Cannot Block Reunification Dennis Lambert Sep. 10, 2014
Investigation Of Phoenix VA Fails To Find Link Between Deaths, Delayed Care Dennis Lambert Sep. 10, 2014
Officials Urge People To Keep Emergency Alerts Active On Phones Dennis Lambert Sep. 10, 2014
Medical Flight That Crashed In New Mexico Was Filled With Jet Fuel Dennis Lambert Sep. 9, 2014
Senate To Vote On Amendment To Give Congress, States Power Over Campaign Spending Limits Dennis Lambert Sep. 8, 2014
Lawmakers Proposing Mandatory Background Checks For Hotel Workers Dennis Lambert Sep. 8, 2014
4 Arrested Outside Phoenix McDonald's In Fast Food Workers' Protest Dennis Lambert Sep. 5, 2014
Tempe Aims To Complete Sinkhole Repairs Next Week Dennis Lambert Sep. 5, 2014
Republican Former School Superintendents Endorse Garcia Dennis Lambert Sep. 5, 2014
Desalination Plant Under Constuction In California Dennis Lambert Sep. 4, 2014
Tucson Vet Center Hosts Town Hall Meeting Dennis Lambert Sep. 3, 2014
Brewer Wants Court To Reject Order To Issue Driver's Licenses To Dreamers Dennis Lambert Sep. 3, 2014
Officials Concerned About High Number Of Abandoned Campfires Dennis Lambert Sep. 3, 2014
Yavapai County GOP Celebrating Goldwater Anniversary Dennis Lambert Sep. 2, 2014
University Of Arizona Recruiting People For Alzheimer’s Disease Study Dennis Lambert Sep. 1, 2014
Maricopa County Election Officials Working To Finalize Primary Results Dennis Lambert Aug. 29, 2014
American, US Airways Pull Listings Off Orbitz Dennis Lambert Aug. 26, 2014
Chandler Police, Civil Rights Leaders Open Dialogue On Race Dennis Lambert Aug. 22, 2014
Final Person Sentenced In Steroid Heist Informant Murder Dennis Lambert Aug. 15, 2014
Flagstaff Camp Closed When Students Develop Tick-Borne Disease Dennis Lambert Aug. 12, 2014
Judge Denies Milke's Germany Travel Request Dennis Lambert Aug. 11, 2014
California Utility Fined Three Times As Much As Arizona For 2011 Blackout Dennis Lambert Aug. 8, 2014
Consumer Spending Has Soared, But Not In Arizona Dennis Lambert Aug. 7, 2014
Republicans Work To Speed Up Return Of Central American Children Dennis Lambert Jul. 23, 2014
Six Days Left To Register To Vote In Arizona Primary Dennis Lambert Jul. 22, 2014