Dennis Lambert

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Title Author Publication Date
Arizona to take part in One Billion Rising February 06, 2013
Arizona Tourism Ad Gets Attention In Chicago Dennis Lambert January 09, 2014
Arizona Tribe Gains Power To Prosecute Non-Indians Dennis Lambert February 07, 2014
Arizona Unemployment Up To 8 Percent July 19, 2013
Arizona Vehicles Emission Tests Fee Will Decrease In July Dennis Lambert March 17, 2014
Arizona Wildfire Season May Be Earlier This Year Dennis Lambert April 01, 2015
Arizona Wildfires Less Destructive Than Average This Year September 13, 2013
Arizona Will Not Be A Test Site For Unmanned Drones Dennis Lambert December 31, 2013
Arizona's Workforce Is Shrinking Since Recession Dennis Lambert November 25, 2013
Arizonan Awarded Medal Of Honor For WWII Actions Dennis Lambert February 25, 2014
Arizonans Commemorate 9/11 Anniversary September 11, 2013
Arizonans Pack Sky Harbor Airport Before Thanksgiving Dennis Lambert November 27, 2013
Arizonans Reduced Driving By 9 Percent Per Person October 01, 2013
Arizona’s Military Installation In Partial Shutdown October 02, 2013
Army Corps Of Engineers Investigates Possible Contamination In Residential Properties Dennis Lambert September 12, 2014
Arpaio Disbands Unit Investigating Immigration ID Theft Dennis Lambert December 18, 2014
Arpaio Frustrated With Death Threat From Canadian Teen Dennis Lambert November 13, 2013
Arpaio Refuses To Get Rid Of Vegetarian Jail Menu Dennis Lambert February 13, 2014
Arpaio Wants Jailed Veterans To Get Special Treatment Dennis Lambert December 12, 2013
Arpaio's Lawyers: We Will Appeal Court-Ordered Monitoring Dennis Lambert November 01, 2013
Arrest Made In Fake Vehicle Air Bag Case Dennis Lambert April 03, 2014
As Dean Peak Fire Is Contained, Homeowners Warned Of Flood July 10, 2013
As Millennial generation matures into adulthood, driving continues to decline May 14, 2013
As Storm Moves Into Arizona Temperatures Drop, Winds Increase October 09, 2013
As Temps Plunge Around Phoenix, Docs On Wheels Expand Outreach Dennis Lambert November 23, 2015