Dennis Lambert

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Title Author Publication Date
Arizona Motor Vehicle Division Displays Wait Times Online Dennis Lambert February 10, 2014
Arizona Negotiates $310 Million Settlement For Memory Chips Dennis Lambert March 05, 2014
Arizona Newspapers To Keep Incorporation Revenue Dennis Lambert March 07, 2014
Arizona Nonprofit To Stop Medicaid-Funded Mental Health Service In S. New Mexico Dennis Lambert April 14, 2015
Arizona On Track To End Chronic Homelessness Among Vets Dennis Lambert November 12, 2013
Arizona Petition Could Affect Public Employee Pensions September 10, 2013
Arizona Public Schools May Settle State Funding Lawsuit Dennis Lambert March 17, 2014
Arizona Rainfall Already Exceeds Average Total July 26, 2013
Arizona Ranks Poorly In Personal Financial Security Dennis Lambert January 31, 2014
Arizona ranks second to last in child well-being June 24, 2013
Arizona Ranks Third In Solar Jobs, But Other States Surging Dennis Lambert February 12, 2015
Arizona Receives Ranking For Last Month's Foreclosure Filings Dennis Lambert December 12, 2013
Arizona Rep. Eager For New Year With GOP In Control Of Congress Dennis Lambert January 02, 2015
Arizona Rep. Martha McSally Speaks Out On San Bernadino Shooter Investigation Dennis Lambert December 15, 2015
Arizona Retailers Anticipate Slight Increase In Spending Dennis Lambert November 26, 2013
Arizona Senate Committee Approves 'Revenge Porn' Bill Dennis Lambert March 20, 2014
Arizona Senate Panel OKs Abortion Clinic Bill Dennis Lambert March 13, 2014
Arizona Senate Reviews Altered Budget Proposal Dennis Lambert March 31, 2014
Arizona Senators Call For Economic Sanctions In Ukraine Crisis Dennis Lambert March 17, 2014
Arizona Snowbowl Closes For The Season Dennis Lambert March 24, 2014
Arizona Snowbowl's First Year Of Snowmaking Saves Its Season Dennis Lambert March 11, 2014
Arizona students to participate in earthquake drill October 17, 2012
Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee Begins Plans For Next Year Dennis Lambert February 06, 2014
Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee Introduces Business Connect Program Dennis Lambert February 20, 2014
Arizona To Help With Repair Costs For Mojave County Fish Hatchery Dennis Lambert December 30, 2014