Dennis Lambert photoIn the wee small hours of the morning, when most of us are working on REM sleep, Morning Edition host and reporter, Dennis Lambert busily prepares the news and information KJZZ listeners hear as they prepare for the day. He’s been doing that for KJZZ listeners since 1996.    

“While I realize the importance of providing listeners with updates on traffic, weather and breaking news, I really enjoy the ability to focus on complex, more obscure stories with in-depth coverage,” said Lambert.  “That's not always possible in commercial radio, and I have KJZZ and its listeners to thank for that.”

Throughout his award-winning career, which he began in 1969, Lambert has covered everything from plane crashes to bribery scandals as well as late night and early morning legislative sessions. There have also been celebrity interviews, a few wildlife escapades with sand cranes and bighorn sheep and many adventures in between.

Lambert calls the impeachment of former Arizona Governor Evan Mecham the most memorable story he has covered. He was KTAR’s News Director at the time, and the station won a Peabody Award for its live coverage.

Lambert has won just about every award the Associated Press and the Phoenix Press Club had at one time or another. As a KJZZ reporter, he has won a regional Edward R. Murrow Award and several Associated Press awards. He won national Murrow and Scripps Howard awards for coverage of the Meacham impeachment.

He was honored in 2010 with the Order of the Silver Key from the Phoenix Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists for 25 years of broadcast excellence.

A Michigan native, Dennis worked as a radio reporter in Lansing and Detroit before coming to Arizona in 1984. He has a degree in Communication Arts from Michigan State University.

An avid Arizona Diamondbacks fan, Lambert has been a member of the Sunday Hackers season ticket group since the franchise began. 

Lambert has been married since 1969 and has two adult children and two grandchildren.

Contact Dennis Lambert at 480-774-8237, or or by way of Twitter @KJZZlambert.

Title Author Publication Date
Small Plane Crashes On Ranch Near Wikieup Dennis Lambert January 28, 2014
Snake Removals Increase As Weather Warms Dennis Lambert February 11, 2014
Soldier From Oro Valley Dies In South Korea During Army Training Dennis Lambert June 19, 2015
Some Lawmakers Trying To Undo Voting Measures They Passed Dennis Lambert January 17, 2014
Some Pima County DUI Offenders Will Be Eligible For House Arrest Dennis Lambert September 02, 2015
Some Voting Laws Will Be Decided By Voters Dennis Lambert October 30, 2013
Something Tickles: Live Parrots Smuggled In Elmo Doll Dennis Lambert July 10, 2014
Sophisticated Drug Tunnel Found In Nogales Dennis Lambert February 12, 2014
Southern Arizona fire has been contained, serves as reminder of fire danger April 30, 2013
Southern Arizona Hit By Monsoon Storm Dennis Lambert August 21, 2015
SRP To Buy More Geothermal Energy From California Dennis Lambert June 17, 2014
St. Patrick's Day DUIs decrease from 2012 March 19, 2013
Standing In Medians Now Illegal In Phoenix Dennis Lambert November 21, 2014
Standoff Over State Budget Pushes Final Passage Until At Least Monday Dennis Lambert April 04, 2014
Stanton Announces An End To Phoenix Veteran Homelessness Dennis Lambert December 19, 2013
Stanton promotes Phoenix Access to Care Ordinance proposal October 05, 2012
Stanton Signs Statement Aimed At Efficient And Cost-Effective Water Conservation July 26, 2013
State Board Of Education Chooses New Test Dennis Lambert November 03, 2014
State Board Of Education Gets A New Executive Director Dennis Lambert November 28, 2013
State Budget Talks Stall As Republican Group Negotiates Dennis Lambert March 27, 2014
State Campaign Finance Limits To Remain In Place Dennis Lambert November 27, 2013
State Dry Spell To End Dennis Lambert February 27, 2014
State Economist Wants Feds To Keep Spending Levels High Dennis Lambert November 18, 2013
State Fair Attracted 24,000 More Visitors Than Last Year Dennis Lambert November 08, 2013
State Health Officials Believe Respiratory Virus Present In Arizona Dennis Lambert September 17, 2014