Dennis Lambert

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Title Author Publication Date
Tucson PD Actions Deemed Appropriate Following Basketball Ruckus Dennis Lambert July 03, 2014
Tucson Man Arrested In Large Child Porn Ring Bust Dennis Lambert March 19, 2014
Tucson Hospital Network Laying Off 3 Percent Of Workforce Dennis Lambert December 04, 2015
Tucson fire officials rescue two groups from flood waters July 08, 2013
Tucson Fights Release Of Cellphone Tracking Details Dennis Lambert September 17, 2014
Tucson Electric Looking To Diversify Power Sources September 05, 2013
Tucson Considering Moving Certain Inmates To Nogales Jail To Save Money Dennis Lambert December 02, 2015
Tucson Casino Cancels Bill Cosby Appearance Dennis Lambert November 21, 2014
Tucson Bicycle Race Participant Dies After Collision Dennis Lambert November 25, 2013
TSA Looking Closely For Firearms At Sky Harbor Checkpoints Dennis Lambert March 06, 2014
Tribal gaming revenues down for first time in 10 quarters May 07, 2013
Treating, Providing Services For Mental Illness Poses Challenge In Low-Income Areas October 11, 2013
Train Derails Near Williams After Hitting Boulder Dennis Lambert March 02, 2015
Traffic Accidents Among Leading Causes Of Child Death Dennis Lambert November 15, 2013
Town Hall Attendees Overwhelmingly Against Syria Attacks September 06, 2013
Tornado Touched Down In Mesa This Weekend Dennis Lambert March 03, 2014
Toddler Found Wandering In Stranger's Backyard Dennis Lambert March 03, 2014
Tobin: Medicaid expansion holding back state budget approval April 23, 2013
Tipsy Tow Program Offers To Bring Inebriated People And Their Cars Home Dennis Lambert December 30, 2013
Three Students Sick From Cough Medicine September 18, 2013
Three People Arrested For Identity Theft Dennis Lambert January 30, 2014
Three Overdue Hikers Are Okay October 11, 2013
Three Men Who Illegally Killed Wildlife Face Federal Charges Dennis Lambert November 11, 2014
Three Market Workers Arrested For Cheating Food Stamp Program August 30, 2013
Three Arrested In Tempe For Unruly Protest Over Syria September 02, 2013