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Title Author Publication Date
Law Increasing Private Contribution Limits Argued In Court July 31, 2013
DPS Officer, Wife Face Up To 23 Years In Prison July 31, 2013
Appellate Panel Decides Man Should Not Have to Arbitrate His Claims Against A Nursing Home July 31, 2013
Investigation Continues In Bus Driver?s Responsibility For Rescue Efforts July 31, 2013
Whooping Cough Outbreak Hits Colorado City July 30, 2013
FBI Phoenix Division Helps With Statewide Child Sex Trafficking Sting July 29, 2013
'Blackfish' Documentary Opens in Arizona On Aug. 9 July 29, 2013
Grenade Found In Donation Box Brought To Fire Station July 29, 2013
Floods In Yavapai County Presented Big Problem Over Weekend July 29, 2013
Feds Recognize Gay Marriages Performed In States Where Legal, May Prevent Deportation July 29, 2013
Lost Hiker Found Using Cell Phone GPS Coordinates July 29, 2013
Failure Rate Of Gas Stations? Nozzle Accuracy Increases By 3 Percent July 29, 2013
Average Arizona Gas Price Rises To $3.58 July 26, 2013
Lightning-Caused Deaths Remind People To Be Cautious In Storms July 26, 2013
Female Detention Officer Recovers From Assault In Winslow Prison July 26, 2013
NY Man Confesses To Tweeting Threats At CNN Anchors And Phoenix Woman July 26, 2013
Stanton Signs Statement Aimed At Efficient And Cost-Effective Water Conservation July 26, 2013
Arizona Rainfall Already Exceeds Average Total July 26, 2013
Helicopters Dropping Mulch, Seed At Doce Wildfire Site July 25, 2013
Steve Nash?s Ex-Wife Asks Court For More Child Support Money July 24, 2013
Amendment To Farm Bill May Eradicate Animal Fighting July 24, 2013
Officials Searching For Information On Pregnant Doe Poacher July 24, 2013
Horne Defends Ban On Abortions Based On Gender Or Race July 24, 2013
Rare Bird Spotted In Southwest July 23, 2013
1 Dead, 8 Rescued After Being Abandoned By Human Smuggler July 23, 2013