Dennis Lambert

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Title Author Publication Date
Nearly 50 Arrested In Mesa Police Crackdown On Shoplifting Dennis Lambert November 26, 2014
Negative Equity Means Arizona Homeowners Staying Put Longer Dennis Lambert April 17, 2014
Nevada Governor Eyeing I-11 As Political Litmus Test Dennis Lambert March 03, 2014
New App Allows Users To Join In Search For Child Predators September 13, 2013
New Arizona Law Requires Snack-Sale Waivers For Schools Dennis Lambert April 02, 2015
New ASU outreach center opens in California March 25, 2013
New Bill Could Allow Homeowners To Raise Chickens Dennis Lambert January 23, 2014
New Bill Would Make Trampoline Parks Safer Dennis Lambert March 20, 2014
New Cold Case Partnership Solves 32-Year-Old Murder Case Dennis Lambert November 01, 2013
New Common Core Standards Are More Rigorous Than AIMS Standards August 05, 2013
New Contract Allows For Advertisement At Rest Stops Dennis Lambert October 15, 2013
New Details In Yuma Plane Crash That Killed Marine Dennis Lambert March 25, 2015
New DHS Enforcement Priorities Lead To Release Of 200 From Immigration Custody In Arizona Dennis Lambert December 31, 2014
New Legislation: Federal Agencies Must Register With Local Sheriff Dennis Lambert January 30, 2014
New legislative gifts law makes only minor restrictions April 13, 2012
New Mexico Officials Argue Against Deregulation Of Utilities August 27, 2013
New Mexico Rocket Launch Visible In Arizona Dennis Lambert February 25, 2015
New Mexico, Arizona Vying To Win Tesla Factory Dennis Lambert March 18, 2014
New Navajo Route 20 will provide easier travel around US Highway 89 June 18, 2013
New Online Tool Determines Whether Users Should Be Screened For Lung Cancer Dennis Lambert December 03, 2013
New Pinal County medical marijuana dispensary permit approved April 26, 2013
New Planet Discovered By U Of A Astronomers Dennis Lambert December 06, 2013
New playoff system for college football championship expected in 2014 June 27, 2012
New Regulations Could Follow Hep C Exposure Dennis Lambert December 10, 2013
New Report Shows Migratory Birds Are Struggling July 11, 2013