Title Author Publication Date
Pima Community College Raising Taxes To Cover Budget Cuts Dennis Lambert June 11, 2015
APS: Mylar Balloons Can Cause Power Outages Dennis Lambert May 22, 2015
Record Snowfall Possible In Northern Arizona This Weekend Dennis Lambert May 14, 2015
Plague Found In Sick Cat Near Jerome Dennis Lambert May 08, 2015
Pima County Considers Buying $22 Million In Solar Electricity Dennis Lambert May 05, 2015
Aggressive Bear At Huachuca Canyon Put Down, Area Reopens Dennis Lambert May 01, 2015
Mesa City Council Plans To Sell $43.7M In Bonds Dennis Lambert April 27, 2015
Valley Metro Operations Facility Goes Solar Dennis Lambert April 22, 2015
Arizona GOP Won't Challenge Independents Voting In Primary Elections Dennis Lambert April 21, 2015
More Renovations Planned For Arizona House Dennis Lambert April 16, 2015
Duck In New Mexico Tests Positive For H5N2 Strain Of Bird Flu Dennis Lambert April 15, 2015
Arizona Nonprofit To Stop Medicaid-Funded Mental Health Service In S. New Mexico Dennis Lambert April 14, 2015
Whistleblower Doctor Disappointed By Continued Phoenix VA Wait Times Dennis Lambert April 10, 2015
Arizona Headed To Court Again Over 'Revenge Porn' Bill Dennis Lambert April 09, 2015
Man Accused In Mesa Shooting Spree Pleads Not Guilty Dennis Lambert April 06, 2015
Arizona DPS Officers Get Special Training To Help Missing, Exploited Kids Dennis Lambert April 03, 2015
New Arizona Law Requires Snack-Sale Waivers For Schools Dennis Lambert April 02, 2015
Arizona Wildfire Season May Be Earlier This Year Dennis Lambert April 01, 2015
Ex-Police Chief: Warren Jeffs Still Controls FLDS Community Dennis Lambert March 31, 2015
National Park Service Targets New Generation With 'Find Your Park' Campaign Dennis Lambert March 30, 2015
Overpass Planned For State Route 347 Railroad Tracks In Maricopa Dennis Lambert March 26, 2015
New Details In Yuma Plane Crash That Killed Marine Dennis Lambert March 25, 2015
Bills Assert Arizona's Right To Ignore Orders From Federal Government Dennis Lambert March 17, 2015
US Tourists Flocking To Mexico To Escape Cold Weather Dennis Lambert March 16, 2015
Milwaukee Brewers Ban High-Fives Over Pink-Eye Outbreak Dennis Lambert March 13, 2015