Dennis Lambert

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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Four People Killed In I-10 Bus Crash Near State Line Dennis Lambert May. 21, 2014
Albuquerque VA May Have Had Secret List Similar To Phoenix Dennis Lambert May. 20, 2014
Pilot Killed In Grand Canyon Helicopter Accident Dennis Lambert May. 19, 2014
Grand Canyon Pipe Break Points To Larger Problem Dennis Lambert May. 16, 2014
Judge May Allow White House To Hold Back Fast And Furious Documents Dennis Lambert May. 15, 2014
Tucson Student Who Fell To His Death Was Intoxicated Dennis Lambert May. 14, 2014
Cop In 'Sexting' Case Keeps Her Job Dennis Lambert May. 13, 2014
Burning Weeds Creates House Fire Risk Dennis Lambert May. 7, 2014
Court: Scottsdale Can't Prosecute Public Drunkenness Dennis Lambert May. 6, 2014
Valley Fever Fungus Found In Washington State Dennis Lambert May. 5, 2014
San Tan Valley Sexual Assault Suspect Back In Custody Dennis Lambert May. 2, 2014
Group Formed By Robert Redford Helps Craft Wild Horse Agreement Dennis Lambert May. 1, 2014
TUSD Audit Reveals 'Brutal' Findings Dennis Lambert Apr. 30, 2014
Pit Bull Mickey Remanded To Sheriff's Shelter Dennis Lambert Apr. 29, 2014
Congress Is Back, But Likely Won't Tackle Major Issues Dennis Lambert Apr. 28, 2014
Fort Huachuca Getting Military's Largest Solar Array Dennis Lambert Apr. 25, 2014
Saguaro National Park Going After Buffelgrass Dennis Lambert Apr. 24, 2014
Lawsuit Against State's Medicaid Expansion Revived Dennis Lambert Apr. 22, 2014
Easter Items Check Out At Checkout Dennis Lambert Apr. 18, 2014
Negative Equity Means Arizona Homeowners Staying Put Longer Dennis Lambert Apr. 17, 2014
State Road 89-A Switchbacks To Be Closed Most Of The Summer Dennis Lambert Apr. 15, 2014
Meteor Spotted Across Arizona And West Texas Dennis Lambert Apr. 14, 2014
Search And Rescue Officials Busy In Yavapai County Dennis Lambert Apr. 14, 2014
Calls For Snake Removal Increase In 2014 Dennis Lambert Apr. 14, 2014
Three Areas Monitored After Wildfires Burn Over The Weekendurn Over The Weekend Dennis Lambert Apr. 14, 2014