News Staff

First Name Last Name Position
Mark Brodie Host/Producer, The Show
Matthew Casey Senior Field Correspondent
Rodrigo Cervantes Mexico City Bureau Chief
Marcus Charleston Senior Producer, The Show
Annika Cline Producer, The Show
Mariana Dale Senior Field Correspondent
Christina Estes Senior Field Correspondent, Business Desk
Kerry Fehr-Snyder Managing Editor, Science Desk
Katherine Fritcke Producer, Morning Edition
Nicholas Gerbis Senior Field Correspondent, Science Desk
Lauren Gilger Host/Producer, The Show
Steve Goldstein Host/Producer, The Show
Jackie Hai Digital Media Editor
Jimmy Jenkins Senior Field Correspondent
Jude Joffe-Block Senior Field Correspondent, Fronteras Desk - Phoenix
Carrie Jung Senior Field Correspondent, Education Desk
Casey Kuhn Senior Field Correspondent
Phil Latzman Host/Producer
Al Macias News Director
Michel Marizco Fronteras: the Changing America Desk Senior Editor - Tucson, AZ
Kaely Monahan Producer, Original Productions
Holliday Moore Reporter
Laurel Morales Fronteras: The Changing America Desk Senior Field Correspondent - Flagstaff, AZ
Mark Moran AGM News and Editorial Content
Daniel Perle News Intern
Paige Phelps Senior Producer
Kathy Ritchie Reporter
Monica Sampson Production intern
Jean Clare Sarmiento Digital Media Assistant
Sky Schaudt Digital media editor
Kaleigh Shufeldt Digital Media Assistant
Stina Sieg Senior Field Correspondent
Chad Snow Night Editor
Will Stone Senior Field Correspondent
Jorge Valencia Senior Field Correspondent - Mexico City
Heather van Blokland Host/Producer
Sarah Ventre Senior Producer, Original Productions
Tiara Vian Host/Producer

Music Staff

First Name Last Name Position
Bob Corritore Those Lowdown Blues Host
Delphine Cortez Library Assistant
Bryan Houston Announcer / Jazz Host
Blaise Lantana Music Director and Host
Chazz Rayburn Announcer / Jazz Host
Michele Robins Announcer / Jazz Host

Senior Management

NameTitlePhone NumberE-mail
Jim PaluzziVice President, Division of Public Service480-834-5627E-mail John
Bill SheddAssociate General Manager, Operations480-834-5627E-mail John
Linda PastoriAssociate General Manager, Development480-834-5627E-mail John
Mark MoranAssociate General Manager, News480-834-5627E-mail John
Ralph HoganAssociate General Manager, Engineering480-834-5627E-mail John
Jon HobanAssociate General Manager, Programming480-834-5627E-mail John
John SageDirector, Information Technology480-834-5627E-mail John
Lou StanleyDirector, Strategic Initiatives480-834-5627E-mail John
Scott WilliamsDirector, Audience Research480-834-5627E-mail John