A disease fatal to deer and elk has struck herds in some western states. But chronic wasting disease hasn’t yet arrived in Arizona, according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department.
Jan. 20, 2017
Artist rendition of OSIRIS-REx's main engine firing
The spacecraft of a University of Arizona-led mission to collect a sample from an asteroid fired its engines in space for the first time last month, and scientists are now calling the deep-space maneuver a success.
Jan. 19, 2017
Arizona has had one of the highest rates of uninsured children in the country. But the Affordable Care Act has begun to change that, bringing coverage to thousands of kids. Now, some worry a repeal of that law could undo this progress.
Jan. 19, 2017
The United Health Foundation released its annual America’s Health Rankings last month. Arizona now ranks as 29th healthiest state in the United States — a one-spot improvement from 2015.
Jan. 18, 2017
diabetes chart
The CDC reports that rates of diabetes-related kidney failure among Native Americans dropped more than 54 percent between 1996 and 2013. Experts attribute these successes, in part, to improved access, care coordination and community support.
Jan. 11, 2017
Dwarf planet Ceres
The finding, which was published in the Jan. 6 edition of the journal Science, is consistent with earlier models, and provides valuable clues to how Ceres formed.
Jan. 10, 2017
A University of Arizona camera circling Mars turned its eye toward its home planet in November and got a stunning image of Earth and the moon.
Jan. 10, 2017
There are, as it turns out, a series of asteroids that fly relatively close, astronomically speaking, to the Earth. And researchers in Arizona recently observed one of the smallest near-earth asteroids — they found it reflects more than half the sunlight that falls on it, making it one of the brightest in history.
Jan. 9, 2017
Amanda Minke, a senior at Immaculate Heart High School, is in the running for $250,000 for developing a filter that uses algae to remove lead from water.
Jan. 9, 2017
self-driving Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan 1
Waymo, Google's self-driving car division, will start testing its new fleet of minivans on public roads in Arizona and California later this month.
Jan. 9, 2017
Arizona grassland
Arizona’s grasslands lie northwest of Flagstaff and two-thirds of it have been impacted by drought, invasive species and wildfire. Now, $3 million is going directly to preserving the habitat for native species like mule deer and golden eagles.
Jan. 9, 2017
Amazon Echo
This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas brought another bumper crop of tech for geeks and gearheads alike.
Jan. 6, 2017