Solar Panel
Could the Trump administration’s plans for a border wall be turned into a project providing security, jobs and clean energy?
Apr. 24, 2017
Koki Machin
The Orion project is planned to take humans to Mars, but before that can happen, NASA wants to send astronauts to the moon for the first time in decades. The space agency recently came to Yuma Proving Ground to test the parachute system for that capsule.
Mar. 29, 2017
Public schools in Arizona are not allowed to have inhalers on-hand to treat students experiencing an asthma attack. But that’s about to change.
Apr. 24, 2017
Charlie Walker
Oro Valley resident Charlie Walker is a self-described child of the space age. He grew up watching the first satellites being launched and set his sights on working in the space program.
Apr. 26, 2017
Border's New Boundaries
President Trump hits his first 100 days in office this week. It’s been a tumultuous stride towards one of his primary goals: how to manage the U.S.-Mexico border, even as the biggest project – paying for a border wall – threatens to cause a government shutdown. The Border’s New Boundaries series begins with a report on a federal project involving not concrete border walls but digital ones.
Apr. 25, 2017
Biosphere 2
This is a big year for Biosphere 2, the futuristic-looking campus northeast of Tucson. It’s been 10 years since the University of Arizona re-purchased it from Columbia University.
Apr. 21, 2017
Tucson Fire Department logo
The Tucson Fire Department is dealing with a tragedy. Last week one of their own committed a murder-suicide at a popular Tucson mall, shocking many of his fellow firefighters.
Apr. 21, 2017
march for science logo
Saturday will bring a series of gatherings around the country that will, at least in part, focus on concerns about how the Trump administration is acting when it comes to climate change and other areas of science.
Apr. 21, 2017
Car Technology
The goal is starting in 2021, every new car will have sensors and local traffic signals that could be talking to a car on a road near you.
Apr. 20, 2017
Embattled blood testing company Theranos Inc. has agreed to pay $4.65 million to cover full refunds for every Arizona customer who used the company's testing services, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced Tuesday.
Apr. 18, 2017
A large asteroid discovered at Mount Lemmon’s observatory will approach Earth next week, an opportunity that could provide clues to the space rock’s density and physical properties, its discoverer said.
Apr. 17, 2017
Hearing you need a colonoscopy is something people over age 50 dread. A University of Arizona team is working to improve the results from these tests.
Apr. 17, 2017
Saguaro National Park
National Park Week kicks off this weekend, and in celebration all national parks all across the country are offering free admission Saturday and Sunday.
Apr. 14, 2017