Smokehouse Fire
Forest managers nationwide are starting to watch for wildfires with high-tech cameras, sometimes installed on mountaintops where human lookouts have historically kept watch. Arizona hasn’t yet adopted this technology. When it does, a fire lookout’s job could be made easier — or obsolete.
Jun. 30, 2016
NASA's Juno mission
University of Arizona planetary sciences professor William Hubbard is among the scientists who are eager to discover what lies beneath the gaseous giant's cloud layers.
Jun. 29, 2016
Tom Krimigis
Physicist Tom Krimigis designs scientific instruments for space; they’ve gone to every planet in the solar system. He’s the only person in the world with that achievement.
Jun. 27, 2016
The city of Tucson is replacing its street lighting this year with LED bulbs and will dim the lights at certain times.
Jun. 30, 2016
Federal health officials on Tuesday approved the first pill to treat all major forms of hepatitis C, the latest in a series of drug approvals that have reshaped treatment of the liver-destroying virus.
Jun. 30, 2016
Cancer MoonShot 2020 logo
The Cancer Moonshot Initiative seeks to put max focus, effort and funding toward finding a cure for cancer. Researchers, community leaders and patients will meet in Washington, D.C. and Arizona Wednesday.
Jun. 29, 2016
Scientists have found the remains of the meteor that fell over Northern Arizona earlier this month.
Jun. 29, 2016
As the Valley continues to grow, making sure we have a reliable water supply becomes more and more important.That supply is threatened by wildfires and a coalition of groups including the Salt River Project, U.S. Forest Service and Payson is working to protect it.
Jun. 28, 2016
Paul Shah
Yuma middle-school students got an inside look at the pharmaceutical industry at the family-owned Santa Teresa Pharmacy, where they got some hands-on training.
Jun. 28, 2016
Arizona's Department of Health Services lab
A new case of measles was diagnosed Wednesday in Pinal County, bringing the total to 18 in an outbreak that began last month at a detention center in Eloy.
Jun. 24, 2016
Dr. Venkatesh Ramaiah
For millions of Americans, living with clogged arteries can lead to pain and fatigue, particularly in the legs and sometimes leading to amputation. But a new device being tested at a Valley hospital may help clear the way for some patients to live pain free.
Jun. 24, 2016
heat hiking sign
The Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department rolled out a program this week to educate hotel concierges on how to talk to guests about hiking safety.
Jun. 23, 2016
Dr. Charlotte Richards
Yuma County officials are worried about the Zika virus — and they have reason to be. Yuma has many agricultural workers who come from parts of Mexico and Central America, where the virus is present.
Jun. 21, 2016