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National and Arizona News, Traffic and Weather Reports with Steve Inskeep, Renée Montagne, and Phil Latzman
BBC World Service
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05:00 AM Marketplace Weekend Documentary Specials
06:00 AM Weekend Edition
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09:00 AM The Diane Rehm Show
10:00 AM Best of
Car Talk
Wait, Wait ... Don't Tell Me
11:00 AM Here and Now
Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson
Here and Now
Steve Goldstein
Here and Now
Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson
Here and Now
Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson
Wait, Wait ... Don't Tell Me TED Radio Hour
12:00 PM Here and Now
Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson
Science Friday
Ask Me Another
A Prairie Home Companion
01:00 PM BBC Newshour Dinner Party Download
02:00 PM KJZZ's
The Show
The Show
PRI's: The World KJZZ's
The Show
This American Life America's Test Kitchen
03:00 PM All Things Considered
NPR's afternoon news magazine with Audie Cornish, Kelly McEvers, Ari Shapiro, Robert Siegel Steve Goldstein, and Heather Van Blokland
The Moth Radio Hour Radiolab
04:00 PM All Things Considered
05:00 PM A Prairie Home Companion Snap Judgment
06:00 PM Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal Those Lowdown Blues
with Bob Corritore
06:30 PM BBC World Business Report
07:00 PM Image 6 Bullseye
08:00 PM Classic Jazz
with Blaise Lantana
Live Wire
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Innovation Hub

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BBC World Service

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Classic Jazz
with Bryan Houston

Classic Jazz
with Lloyd Whitty

Classic Jazz
with Michele Robins

BBC World Service

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01:00 AM BBC World Service
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