$250 Arizona Tax Credit In The Works For Each Kid In Household

By Holliday Moore
Howie Fischer / Capitol Media Services
Published: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - 9:44am
Updated: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - 10:22am

Arizonans with a house full of kids may see a sizable tax credit in the future.

If a measure approved in the House keeps moving through the legislature, the state would pay $250 for each child. That's above and beyond existing household deductions for each child.

The amount adjusts according to the household income and number of children. For example, a family of three earning up to $41,560 a year would get the full $250 for each child. While a family of four would be allowed the same credit if the household earned no more than $50,200 annually.

Families earning above the cap would still be offered a reduced tax credit for each child.

While Republican lawmakers predict the Trump Tax bill will cover the state's $96 million price tag to offer the child tax credit, Democrats worry it's a risk the state cannot afford right now.

"Right now, we owe public schools $1 billion," said Yuma Democratic Rep. Charlene Fernandez, who suggested the money be used to underwrite child care costs for the needy. "So people could go to work every day and know that their children are in quality child care settings."

"It is not the state's responsibility to give everything that we give," said Lake Havasu City Republican Rep. Paul Mosley, "It is actually the parents' responsibility to provide for the health care, the support, the food, the clothing, and to see that their children have the proper education."

Gov. Doug Ducey's press aide doubts his boss will allow any change in the permanent tax code now.

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