Arizona Food Banks Still In Need Of Donations

Published: Thursday, November 23, 2017 - 9:47am

This Thanksgiving, nearly 13 million kids in the United States are facing hunger according to Feeding America. The nonprofit reports many of those children became hungry after a string of disasters across the country. That's impacting Arizonans in need.

With recent natural and human disasters harming tens of thousands, our hearts and wallets opened to help fellow Americans.

To the point, that Jerry Brown with St. Mary’s Food Bank, figured donor fatigue had set in when inventory showed they still needed twice as many turkeys to fill 12,000 emergency food boxes in five days. 

“We were really worried at the weekend, but as always, the benevolent Arizona citizen really responded when we needed it," said Brown.

Salvation Army spokesman Scott Johnson said they too were struggling.

He is grateful last-minute donations met their needs, but reminds everyone we’re only at the halfway mark.

“We’re just asking people to dig a little deeper this year, because there are still thousands of people in our own back yard that really need help during the holiday season," said Johnson.

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