Study: Arizona Ranked Low For Military Retirees

By Dennis Lambert
Published: Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 11:33am

Arizona ranked near the bottom in a new data study on the best and worst states for members of the military to retire in.

The study, by the social media company WalletHub, accounts for the fact the average military retiree is in his or her 40’s. They’re likely to move on to a civilian job and may be eligible for a variety of unique benefits from educational discounts to pension and tax breaks.

Arizona was fourth from the bottom of the list as a state for military retirees. Among the issues considered were state taxes on a military pension, state and local taxes overall, veterans per 100 inhabitants and the number of VA Benefits offices and health facilities in the state.

Only the states of Indiana, New York and California ranked behind Arizona on the list.

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