Cattle graze
Because Maricopa and Pima counties border Yuma, farmers and ranchers in those counties also qualify for natural disaster loans.
May. 9, 2016
Perscription pills
Arizonans turned in nearly 13,000 pounds of controlled substances as part of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Prescription Drug Take-Back Day last week.
May. 7, 2016
Sen. John McCain
McCain has vowed to back whoever is the Republican nominee, including Trump. But that support for Trump could make McCain’s own reelection race much tougher.
May. 6, 2016
Arizona Special Election Guide
About 200,000 Arizona voters did not receive their election information guides far enough in advance of the May 17 special election.
May. 6, 2016
A huge number of organizations — in Arizona and across the country — are letting political candidates know that the time is fast approaching for them to fill out the groups’ questionnaires — if they’re interested in getting an endorsement.
May. 6, 2016
Winged Victory
The end could be near at the Arizona Capitol as lawmakers are debating and voting on bills as they hurtle towards adjournment.
May. 6, 2016
Arizona black rattlesnake
According to a new research study, the future of the Arizona black rattlesnake is being affected by wildfires and the species could be headed toward extinction.
May. 6, 2016
 Maria Harper-Marinick
The Maricopa County Community College District, one of the nation’s largest, has a new leader. Maria Harper-Marinick was officially appointed earlier this week as the district’s chancellor.
May. 6, 2016
Grand Canyon University
Efforts to slash Grand Canyon University’s property taxes have failed for the third year in a row, and one of the groups that opposed the break says it could have opened a Pandora’s Box.
May. 6, 2016
corruption map
Measuring corruption in government can be a tricky thing. A pair of researchers has tried to do it by asking political reporters in each state about both legal and illegal corruption in their states.
May. 6, 2016
medical insurance
The Arizona Senate approved a bill Friday to do that and the House OK’d it Thursday, following some emotional debate.
May. 6, 2016
snake day
If talk about snakes has you shuddering, you’re certainly not alone. But the Phoenix Herpetological Society thinks it has a cure, of sorts, for the fear of snakes. On Saturday they’re hosting their first “Snake Day.”
May. 6, 2016
Apollo Education Group
A higher cash offer was enough to seal the deal for Apollo Education Group shareholders. On Friday afternoon they approved a merger agreement that will take the University of Phoenix private.
May. 6, 2016
Latino Autism
One in 68 children in the country has been diagnosed with autism. And, the younger they’re diagnosed, the better chance they have to get early, effective treatment. But, not all children are getting that chance.
May. 6, 2016
Fulcher family
As West Valley cities slowly recover from the economic downturn, some towns are revisiting plans from before the Recession. Surprise is working to preserve the city’s past for future generations.
May. 6, 2016
Dozens of clergy sex abuse victims, including 49 from Arizona, may finally be compensated by the Catholic Diocese of Gallup.
May. 6, 2016
dog living in an enclosure
The Arizona Legislature has passed a measure that would prevent cities from regulating the sale of commercially bred cats and dogs. The bill would override exiting ordinances in Phoenix and Tempe, as well as a proposed ordinance in Tucson, that requires pet stores to only sell rescue and shelter animals.
May. 6, 2016
Diane Maxine Richards
Kingman wants its $1.1 million back, and the city may look to its previous auditor to recover cash that was allegedly stolen by a former budget analyst.
May. 6, 2016
Phoenix VA hospital.
The Department of Veterans Affairs has settled a whistle blower retaliation complaint with former Phoenix VA employee Brandon Coleman. He’s now back at work after spending 18 months on paid administrative leave.
May. 6, 2016
Arizona DOT
The Arizona Department of Transportation and Arizona Department of Safety is prepared to shut down a 62-mile stretch of Interstate 10 on the Arizona-New Mexico Border again.
May. 6, 2016