AAA Study Reveals Costly Repairs For Safety Features
When buying a car, the benefits of added safety features are obvious — but those features can also lead to more costly repairs. According to a AAA study released recently, safety features can double or triple the costs for minor repairs.
Nov. 3, 2018
Eligible Community College Students Can Now Transfer To CA University
The out-of-state transfer agreement means eligible community college students can get guaranteed fall admission at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.
Nov. 2, 2018
Arizona Gas Prices May Drop, But Not Significantly
Nationwide, gas prices are expected to drop dramatically in the next week or so, but that may not be the case.
Nov. 2, 2018
Report Details E. Coli Outbreak Stemming From Yuma Area
The full report says the pathogen could have come from the waste of a nearby large concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO). Some Arizona growers have tripled buffer zones between their lettuce crops and the CAFOs to be 1,200 feet.
Nov. 2, 2018
If you still have pumpkins laying around the house, you may not want to toss them in the trash. Those leftover jack-o’-lanterns can serve as compost. Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona is hosting a “pumpkin smash” this weekend.
Nov. 2, 2018
ABOR Holds Meeting Amid UA Recruitment Scandal
An ESPN “Outside the Lines” investigation found at least 13 phone calls from head men’s basketball coach Sean Miller’s cellphone ties him to a man recently convicted on federal pay-for-play charges.
Nov. 2, 2018
AZ Rabbi Looks Toward First Shabbat Since Pittsburgh Shooting
The Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh remains a crime scene, but around the country, other synagogues are preparing for Shabbat services Friday and Saturday. In the Phoenix area, Rabbi John Linder is preparing his message to the Valley's Jewish community.
Nov. 2, 2018
What Does It Mean To Run Government Like A Business?
Nearly every election cycle gives us the opportunity to hear someone running for office talk about running government like a business. What exactly does that mean? Are we supposed to view that as a positive? Is running government like a business even possible?
Nov. 2, 2018
Do Mail-In Ballots Increase Voter Turnout?
More than half of all the people expected to vote in next week’s midterm elections have already voted, according to the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office. Advocates say that’s a way to increase turnout, but The Show's recent guest said that’s not always the case.
Nov. 2, 2018
Google Employees Stage Walkout Against Harassment Culture
The culture of Silicon Valley has been questioned for a number of years. It’s been in the spotlight even more dramatically in the wake of the #MeToo Movement. That, at least in part, is why thousands of Google employees staged a walkout on Thursday.
Nov. 2, 2018
The latest department controversy is an internal memo that reveals the parks department considered a gift of land from a mining company, a move that would pose serious conflict-of-interest issues for the department that is charged with managing and conserving public lands.
Nov. 2, 2018
Wages Continue To Stagnate Despite Job Growth
Employment numbers have been relatively strong in the U.S. through the Obama and Trump administrations. But while wage growth showed some promise in this morning’s jobs report, it continues to be low, and has essentially zeroed out under inflation-adjusted numbers.
Nov. 2, 2018
Jobs Market Growing, U.S. Unemployment Decreasing
The October jobs report is out from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the news continues to be positive overall with the unemployment rate in October at 3.7 percent. The economy also added 250,000 jobs — that’s a jump from the 134,000 non-farm jobs added in September.
Nov. 2, 2018
Lesko, Tipirneni In West Valley Rematch
Arizona has nine congressional districts choosing a representative to send to Washington. In the northwest Valley, voters will get a second go-round this year with the same candidates.
Nov. 2, 2018
MCCCD Chancellor Responds To Faculty Complaints
The Chancellor of the Maricopa County Community College District has responded to a formal complaint filed by the Faculty Association in September.
Nov. 2, 2018
The Takeaway: The Politics With Amy Walter — Getting Up To Speed On All Things Midterms
This week on Politics with Amy Walter, with Election Day 2018 just days away, we look at where things stand heading into Tuesday.
Nov. 2, 2018
Discussing the week in news with Stan Barnes of CopperState Consulting and public policy consultant and former legislative leader Chris Herstam.
Nov. 2, 2018
Arizona Had 127 Confirmed Cases Of Flu In First Month Of Season
If you were planning to get a flu shot, it’s not too late — and now the Arizona Department of Health has a better idea of where we’re headed this flu season after the latest report.
Nov. 2, 2018
3 Candidates Vie For State
Three candidates are vying for the state’s top job. Green Party Candidate Angel Torres and Democrat David Garcia are both trying to unseat Gov. Doug Ducey, as the incumbent seeks a second term in office. Education, immigration and energy are among the top issues for Arizona voters.
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Nov. 2, 2018
AARP Surveys Different Generations On Attitude Towards Voting, Loans
A new survey commissioned by AARP talked to Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials about their attitudes when it comes to voting, student loan debt and social security.
Nov. 1, 2018