flooding near Payson
Nine people died and a 13-year-old boy was missing Sunday after their group of family and friends was swept away while cooling off in a creek that suddenly turned treacherous when a rainstorm upstream unleashed floodwaters.
Jul. 16, 2017
Derby Roosevelt Row
Developers with eyes on downtown Phoenix have another year to convince city leaders to help them out. Since 2012, Phoenix has used a process for downtown development called RFP — it stands for requests for proposals. It allows a private property owner to pitch a project to the city and ask for financial help.
Jul. 15, 2017
As the Arizona medical marijuana industry expands, the focus is now back on the fee that the state’s users are being charged. The $150 annual fee was set after the state’s medical marijuana law passed in 2010 and put in place to cover the costs of administering the program.
Jul. 15, 2017
Border Patrol agents make an arrest
The U.S. Border Patrol revived a prosecution program in June that targets undocumented border crossers the first time they are caught.
Jul. 14, 2017
Air Pollution
The Natural Resources Defense Council released an air quality map this week, with a county-by-county look at ragweed pollen levels and ozone pollution.
Jul. 14, 2017
Phoenix School of Hip Hop logo
You might have heard of the School of Rock, but what about Phoenix’s own School of Hip Hop? The camp is held every summer at The Nash in downtown Phoenix, and this summer is their second-annual Jazz and Hip Hop Camp.
Jul. 14, 2017
Middle East background
Disney film producers, who are now working on a live-action remake of "Aladdin," say they can’t find actors who can act, sing and have Middle Eastern backgrounds. To talk about the lack of diversity in film productions, we’re on the line with Michael Bennett, a research professor at the Center for Science and Imagination at ASU.
Jul. 14, 2017
Friday Newscap
We start this hour with our Friday NewsCap, and some voices from this week’s news. With me now are former legislative leader Art Hamilton, and political editor for KTVK-TV Channel 3 Dennis Welch.
Jul. 14, 2017
Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Image
Diana Taurasi of the Phoenix Mercury is arguably the greatest player in the history of the WNBA. She has won an MVP award, 3 WNBA championships and 4 Olympic gold medals. And this season, she became the league’s all-time leading scorer.
Jul. 14, 2017
Grand canyon river trail
It took 15 years before an investigation, and subsequent report, released details of sexual harassment, misconduct and intimidation toward female federal employees in the Grand Canyon’s River District, leading to its abolishment. Sixteen months later, however, the unit might be back.
Jul. 14, 2017
Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake
Arizona’s two U.S. senators are among the least popular in the country, according to a new survey. Every quarter, Morning Consult asks residents of all 50 states what they think of their senators.
Jul. 14, 2017
Raul Grijalva
There’s been a lot of discussion — and a fair bit of hand-wringing — since the election, about the future of the Democratic Party, and the divisions that last year’s presidential primary exposed.
Jul. 14, 2017
voting sign
Arguments over the future of how citizen initiatives get on the Arizona ballot were the focus of two days of hearings in a Phoenix court room this week.
Jul. 14, 2017
american flag
The National Governors’ Association conference continues today in Providence, Rhode Island. Attendees are talking about policy issues ranging from trade to technology to cyber challenges.
Jul. 14, 2017
Jeff Flake
Arizona senator Jeff Flake says he supports a controversial addition to the Senate health care bill championed by Senator Ted Cruz, but some experts say that change, known as the Consumer Freedom Option, could backfire.
Jul. 14, 2017
There are more than 2.7 million LGBT seniors in the U.S., and as they age, health care providers and social service groups must learn how to be sensitive to and informed about their needs. On Thursday, Harmony Hospice in Tucson hosted its first training to address the needs of LGBT elders.
Jul. 14, 2017
prison cells at Arizona State Prison Complex
Private health care provider Corizon has changed the way they treat patients in Arizona State Prisons and inmates are testifying it’s made conditions worse.
Jul. 14, 2017
the takeaway logo
In another attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare, the Senate unveiled its latest revision to the GOP healthcare bill on Thursday. The new version is intended to appeal to moderates.
Jul. 14, 2017
Caregiver and patient
There are millions of caregivers providing unpaid care to another adult. That adult could be a spouse or it could be a parent. For many adult children, parenting a parent can be difficult, and even strain the parent-child relationship. But there are ways to make it easier.
Jul. 14, 2017
Arizona State Prison Complex - Florence
Attorneys for prisoners in Arizona State Prisons say their clients are being subjected to inhumane conditions.
Jul. 13, 2017