With Ongoing Debates On Border, Immigration, The Early 20th Century May Be Precursor Of Disputes
In her new book, Porous Borders, Arizona State University Assistant Professor Julian Lim looks at how the early part of the 20th century in El Paso, Texas, helped frame some of the debate that is occurring today.
Apr. 12, 2018
Gov. Ducey Announces 20 Percent Pay Increase For Teachers By 2020
The plan would increase the average salary to $58,130 by fiscial year 2021, according to Ducey. The announcement comes on a week when teachers that have been protesting at the Capitol for weeks promised to set a date for a walkout.
Teachers — Some Working Multiple Jobs — Contemplate Next Steps →
Apr. 12, 2018
Despite Growth Of Arizona Bioscience Sector, A Few Concerns Linger
Between 2002 and 2016, bioscience jobs grew in Arizona by nearly 60 percent, and the state has outpaced the rest of the country since 2009. But not everything is headed in a positive direction.
Apr. 12, 2018
Suns Look For Bright Spots In Ashes Of Lost Season
The Phoenix Suns wrapped up an otherwise forgettable season on a positive note with a win in Dallas on Tuesday.
Apr. 12, 2018
The Takeaway: Trump Set To Announce Response To Syrian Gas Attack, Weighing Missile Strike
President Donald Trump told reporters he would announce plans to potentially strike Syria within a few days of the chemical gas attack that killed more than 40 civilians.
Apr. 12, 2018
Podcast Playlist: Reasonably Sound
If you really enjoy a concert or performance....do you give a standing ovation? Well, it turns out applause is a generational thing. From our partners at Podcast Playlist, this podcast Reasonably Sound, host Mike Rugnetta points out that for much of western history, people just cheered whenever — not even necessarily at the end of a performance.
Apr. 12, 2018
Banner Health To Pay $18M Over False Claim Allegations
Banner Health has agreed to a multi-million dollar settlement with the U.S. Justice Department over allegations that it submitted false claims to Medicare.
Apr. 12, 2018
Maricopa County Approves $4M For New Election Technology
In a unanimous vote, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approved spending almost $4 million on new election equipment.
Apr. 12, 2018
EU Creates Special Task Force To Expose
As Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg faces hours of questioning from Congress this week over how the social media platform handles its users’ data, the question of internet privacy and the spread of "fake news" has been hard to escape.
Apr. 12, 2018
Victims Of Arpaio
For the immigrants who were unlawfully detained by former Sheriff Joe Arpiao, they have until the end of the year to apply for restitution through the county.
Apr. 12, 2018
Navajo Nation Sues Opioid Makers, Distributors
The Navajo Nation is the latest to sue pharmaceutical companies and drug distributors for their role in a surge of opioid-related deaths. The tribe filed its lawsuit in U.S. District Court in New Mexico.
Apr. 12, 2018
Conference Spotlights Life-Saving Potential Of Cord Blood
Bioscience companies are exploring the scientific and life-saving potential of something that is usually seen as medical waste
Apr. 12, 2018
Sounds Of The City: Bagpiping Runs In The Family
Listen to the sounds of Michael McClanathan teaching his grandson, Colton Wagner, how to play the bagpipes at his Scottish import store.
Apr. 12, 2018
AG Sessions Tells Law Enforcement Border Is In Crisis
Current tensions around the U.S. and Mexico border are nothing new and can be traced back to the period between 1890 and 1930. It was near the end of this era that the border relations grew increasingly complex.
Apr. 12, 2018
Abortion Questionnaire Bill Heads to Gov. Ducey
It is now up to Gov. Doug Ducey to decide whether Arizona women will be asked why they want an abortion.
Apr. 12, 2018
Bill On Gun, School Safety Introduced At Arizona Capitol
Gov. Doug Ducey’s plan is set to be debated in the House and Senate but is not exactly what he’d originally proposed.
Apr. 12, 2018
Critics Weign In On Governor
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey's school safety plan is changing shape in a number of ways. Under his proposal, judges can still take someone's gun away during a 24 hour period while they're being evaluated as a possible threat.
Apr. 12, 2018
Valley Fever Cases Nearly Double Since Same Time Last Year
Windy days and a lack of rain may be to blame for a spike in valley fever cases in Arizona.
Apr. 12, 2018
Arizona Bill Would Change Rules Around Archaeological Studies
A bill currently working its way through the Arizona Legislature could impact how archaeological evaluations are conducted on state lands and it may conflict with state and federal laws already on the books.
Apr. 12, 2018
Teachers — Some Working Multiple Jobs — Contemplate Next Steps
For educators working multiple jobs, teaching means more than a paycheck. But without feeling heard, teachers are looking for any way to get lawmakers’ attention, even if that means eventually walking out.
‘This Was Our Moment:’ AZ Rallies For Education Funding
Apr. 11, 2018