New Leaders in AZ Senate...New Tone?
The state senate officially voted in a new president Monday.  The chamber’s Republican majority gave Steve Pierce the top job this fall…after former Senate President Russell Pearce lost his recall election.
Jan. 10, 2012
Jon Huntsman Left Off Republican Primary Ballot in Arizona
Arizona Republicans voting in next month’s presidential primary will likely find some unfamiliar names on the ballot--and one major candidate left off. Former ambassador and Utah Governor Jon Huntsman wasn’t eligible.
Jan. 10, 2012
Home prices expected to increase in 2012
Valley home prices are expected to increase about 9 percent during 2012, according to Clear Capital's Housing Data Index. That report says however the same cannot be said for home prices in Tucson.
Jan. 10, 2012
Gov. Brewer Calls for More Tax Cuts, Less Regulation in State of the State Address
Governor Jan Brewer looked back…and forward in her state of the state address to the centennial legislature Monday.  From Phoenix, KJZZ’s Mark Brodie reports.  MARK BRODIE: The governor told lawmakers Arizona has been saved…and touted the state’s positive cash balance and smaller government.
Jan. 9, 2012
Gov. Brewer gives State of the State address
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer used her annual State of the State address to call for lower taxes and less regulation in the next century. KJZZ’s Peter O’Dowd reports the economy was the focus of her speech.
Jan. 9, 2012
Share your reaction to Gov. Brewer
Governor Brewer delivered her second State of the State address before the Arizona legislature on Monday, January 9. We'd like to hear your reaction to what the governor had to say.
Jan. 9, 2012
Tucson shootings brought changes to mental health treatment
A year ago, a seriously troubled man opened fire in a Safeway parking lot on a beautiful Saturday morning. He killed six people and injured 13 more, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Since then, Arizona has been forced to confront how it treats the mentally ill.
Jan. 9, 2012
AZ Lawmakers To Debate What To Do With Extra Money
The centennial legislature begins its session today, as Governor Jan Brewer gives her state of the state address.  And, for the first time in a few years, lawmakers will not be dealing with a budget deficit.
Jan. 6, 2012
Study: Sentencing laws may have prevented a million crimes
A new report by a state prosecutors’ organization suggests truth-in-sentencing laws have prevented crime and saved taxpayer money.  But sentencing reform advocates say other factors have also played a role.
Jan. 5, 2012
Bill Heywood Remembered
KJZZ's Dennis Lambert and KTAR personality Michael Dixon share memories of  fellow broadcaster Bill Heywood.Heywood and his wife, Susan, were found dead Wednesday inside a Scottsdale hotel. Both died of gunshot wounds, but police are not searching for anyone else in connection with the case.
Jan. 5, 2012
Pinal County Sheriff Babeu to run for Congress
Pinal Country Sheriff Paul Babeu announced Wednesday he’d run for Congress in Arizona’s fourth congressional district. From Phoenix, KJZZ’s Weston Phippen reports.  WESTON PHIPPEN: He’s best known for his talk about roving battles with drug cartels in the desert.
Jan. 5, 2012
Headed to court? MCSO and DOJ at odds
The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Justice are threatening to sue each other over an agreement to resolve racial discrimination claims. MCSO agreed to work with the feds on the matter, but in a letter sent to the Justice Department, warned it may go to court if justice officials don’t provide more detailed information on their findings.
Jan. 4, 2012
Valley Cities Work Together....Sometimes
New Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton this week called for Valley cities to work together…saying the metro area would sink or swim as a region.  As KJZZ’s Mark Brodie reports, that sentiment is shared by the leaders of other Valley cities….
Jan. 4, 2012
A Safeway In Arizona
It has been nearly a year since Jared Lee Loughner opened fire on a public meeting held by Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Mark Brodie talks to senior writer for the Tucson Weekly Jim Nintzel about the events of that day, and what Tucson is doing for the anniversary of that event.
Jan. 4, 2012
New Mayor, New Year
Mark Brodie sits down with Phoenix City Council member Jim Waring to talk about Mayor Greg Stanton's inaugural address...and takes a look forward at politics in Phoenix. Brodie also talks to Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane about Phoenix's new mayor, the relationships between cities, and efforts to improve Arizona overall.
Jan. 4, 2012
Mesa Close to Landing New University
The city of Mesa might be home to the newest campus of Benedictine University, a private Catholic school. Benedictine currently has two campuses in Illinois, as well as programs in China and Vietnam.
Jan. 4, 2012
Sporting Image
Steve Goldstein talks to Board of Regents member Rick Myers about the business behind college football, budgeting sports at a university, and why athletics are important in the big picture of a university's image.
Jan. 4, 2012
In a 29-page letter, the sheriff's office asked for the facts and information regarding specific allegations in the Department of Justice report.The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office met the Jan. 4 deadline to respond to a Department of Justice report alleging a wide range of civil rights violations by Sheriff Joe Arpaio's department.
Jan. 4, 2012
Governor won
Governor Jan Brewer is refusing to take the steps taken by some other U.S. governors to address an issue raised by the state's medical marijuana program. But, one state lawmaker has his own idea how to deal with at least some of that refusal.
Jan. 4, 2012
Stanton Sworn in as Phoenix Mayor
Greg Stanton took the oath of office today, becoming mayor of Phoenix. And, he’s talking about ideas that go beyond Arizona’s capitol city.  From Phoenix, KJZZ’s Mark Brodie reports.   MARK BRODIE: In his inaugural address, Stanton discussed the need to diversify the city’s economy, saying boom and bust is not the best path.
Jan. 3, 2012