Scottsdale Council Mulls Public Vote For McDowell Sonoran Preserve Development
A controversial development in Scottsdale’s McDowell Sonoran preserve may go to a public vote.
Sep. 28, 2017
Demolition Begins For Abandoned Phoenix Trotting Park
You might have seen it while traveling on Interstate 10 west of Phoenix. But after this week, that abandoned trotting park will be no more.
Sep. 27, 2017
AZ Biologists With Giant Nets Capture Bats To Help Save Them
Biologists like Babb have decided it’s time for bats to get the spotlight. So, they’re building a database of information by catching bats with giant nets.
Sep. 27, 2017
GCU Program Trying To Address School Superintendent Shortage
Arizona school districts are facing shortages of more than just teachers – superintendents are also in short supply.
Sep. 27, 2017
Why Movies Based In Arizona Aren
The new film “Only the Brave” tells the story of the 19 firefighters who died in the Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona in 2013.
Sep. 27, 2017
KidsCare Insurance Program Could Be At Risk If Congress Doesn
The Children’s Health Insurance Program is set to expire this Saturday if Congress fails to act.
Sep. 27, 2017
Super PAC Pumping Money Into S. Arizona To Defend McSally Seat
Arizona’s 2nd congressional district is bound to bring a lot of attention — and huge financial contributions — to the southern part of the state in 2018.
Sep. 27, 2017
Washington Post Columnist: Corruption In NCAA Sports Again
The U.S. Justice Department arrested a University of Arizona assistant basketball coach Tuesday. Emanuel “Book” Richardson is one of four assistant coaches across the country who face corruption charges.
Sep. 27, 2017
Battle Brewing Over Future Chinese Cultural Center In Phoenix
A new lawsuit is asking a judge to stop the demolition of the Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix on religious grounds.
Sep. 27, 2017
Border Wall Prototypes Underway Despite Lawsuits, Uncertain Funding
President Trump’s vision of a border wall began to take shape yesterday. Contractors trying to win the bid for the final product started building their prototypes in San Diego. According to Customs and Border Protection, the prototypes will be finished within 30 days. Lawsuits are in progress, including one by California’s Attorney General. He’s saying the construction would breach environmental laws.
Sep. 27, 2017
Details Still Scarce On Arizona Teachers Academy Program
One of the prime attendees at yesterday’s Arizona Teachers Academy announcement was a person who will likely be vital in how it’s put into effect and expanded over the next few years — Arizona Board of Regents President Eileen Klein.
Sep. 27, 2017
Two Guys On Your Head: Why All Praise Is Not Created Equal
“Hey, you know, you’re really good at that.” That feels good to hear, doesn’t it? Praise always feels good to hear, but not all praise motivates us to try new things, challenge ourselves or deal with failure.
Sep. 27, 2017
The Takeaway: Puerto Rico Waits For Aid As Millions Suffer
Millions of Americans are reeling in the dark as communities in Puerto Rico wait for food, water, and help.
Sep. 27, 2017
Mexico’s capital has legalized gay marriage and promotes tolerance, but homophobic jokes and slurs still prevail. So what do you do when the situation plays against you — and within your closest circle?
Sep. 27, 2017
Museum Addresses Childhood Obesity, Well-Being Through Art
The Art of Healthy Living takes kids and parents on a fruitful journey while offering hands-on learning about food nutrition, mindfulness and how sensory inputs affect moods, emotions and well-being.
Sep. 27, 2017
Arizona Storytellers: Tara Ijai
Tara shares a story about dealing with hate after converting to Islam.
Sep. 27, 2017
Survey: 1,300 Teacher Positions Left Unfilled
The Arizona Legislature just passed a law to make it easier for someone with experience but no certificate to become a teacher. More than half of those filling open teacher positions this year did not have standard certification.
Sep. 27, 2017
Study: Majority Of Arizona Charter School Owners Awarding Contracts To Family Businesses
It’s not illegal, but financial analysts have found that charter schools that use taxpayer dollars for “related-party transactions” are acting unfairly.
Sep. 27, 2017
Farmers, Ranchers Watching For Changes In Tax Code
The USDA surveyed over 2 million farms in 2016. Arizona is home to 19,600 of them. This week, Congress is set to roll out a framework for changes to the tax code affecting farmers and ranchers nationwide.
Sep. 27, 2017
Tempe Wants To Put City
Tempe wants to help the city’s homeless by giving them a job, a place to live and social services for six months. The proposed pilot program, Tempe Works, would hire two homeless individuals to work part time in the Public Works Department.
Sep. 26, 2017