McCain Wants Resolution For Full Syria Strike
Arizona Sen. John McCain met with President Obama Monday to discuss the possibility of limited strikes on Syria. McCain told NPR’s Steve Inskeep Tuesday that he believes approving the resolution is an absolute necessity.
Sep. 3, 2013
Four Arrested For Turning Laser On Police Helicopter
Phoenix police have arrested two men and two women for pointing a laser at a police helicopter.  Officers said the red laser beam was directed at a chopper Sunday night, temporarily blocking the vision of the pilot and observer.
Sep. 3, 2013
Two Teens Rescued From Hiking Falls
Two southern Arizona women are recovering after being rescued by the Pima County Sheriff's Department in unrelated incidents. Spokesman Tracy Suitt said the 19-year-olds each slipped and fell while hiking the rugged seven falls trail.
Sep. 3, 2013
More Storms To Come This Week
We have already seen some early morning thunderstorms across the metro area, and we could be in for more stormy weather over the next few days.Meteorologist Chris Kuhlman of the National Weather Service in Phoenix said there is still moisture left from last week's influx of warm, tropical air that could trigger storms just about anywhere.
Sep. 3, 2013
Cuts In SNAP Program Will Lower Food Allowance
Starting in November, 1.1 million Arizonans will be trying to buy food for $4.15 a day.  That is because of cuts in the SNAP program, more commonly known as food stamps. The Association of Arizona Food Banks is bracing for the challenge of feeding those who are affected, but President Angie Rodgers said that likely will last just a few weeks.
Sep. 3, 2013
Despite Law, Few Escorts Register With City
Go to the escort section for Phoenix on backpage.com and you will find a very long list of adult ads. If the escorts advertising there are following the law, each one will be licensed and registered with the city.
Sep. 3, 2013
Arizona Veterans Suicide Rate Double That Of Civilians
The rate of suicide among military veterans in Arizona is more than double the civilian rate. Advocates say veterans need more than benefits when returning from war.The average veteran suicide rate in Arizona from 2005 through 2011 is almost 43 deaths per 100,000 people.
Sep. 3, 2013
Cotton Cultivation: There
Cotton is one of Arizona’s largest cash crops – and now it’s going digital. The University of Arizona just released new tools for cotton farmers: smartphone apps. The Mobile Cotton app gives farmers access to U of A research, and allows them to predict and compare their cotton growth.
Sep. 3, 2013
Storms Move In To Southern Arizona
Santa Cruz and Cochise Counties have seen some heavy thunderstorms this morning that have left some parts of the area with flash flood warnings. But National Weather Service meteorologist Chris Rasmussan says this type of storm is common for this time of year.
Sep. 2, 2013
McCain To Discuss Syria With Obama
Arizona Senator John McCain heads to the White House Monday to discuss a possible military strike against Syria with the president. On CBS's "Face the Nation," Sunday, McCain said it has to be more than just a missile strike, and that he wants to see a plan in place before deciding to support the action.
Sep. 2, 2013
Children Need More Sleep To Perform Better In School
Sleep experts are cautioning Arizona parents that, for kids to keep their grades up, they must get the most from their sleep each night. Valley Sleep Center Co-Founder Lori Leadly said sleep is important at any age, but middle-and high-schoolers need to learn how to get a restful sleep.
Sep. 2, 2013
Woman Recovers After Javelina Attack
A Tucson woman is recovering after being attacked by javelina as she walked her dog. Mark Hart of Arizona Game and Fish said there was not much she could have done to prevent the attack. “She was walking a small dog, rounded a corner and came face-to-face with one and then as many as three javelinas that charged directly right at her,” Hart said.
Sep. 2, 2013
40-Year-Old Woman Rescued Off Mountain In Scottsdale
A rescue helicopter team had to be called out Sunday to get a 40-year-old woman off a mountain in Scottsdale. Captain Danny Ables of the Scottsdale Fire Department said the woman lost her way while hiking the Gateway Trailhead Mountains in the Scottsdale Preserve.
Sep. 2, 2013
Three Arrested In Tempe For Unruly Protest Over Syria
In the wake of President Obama's decision to ask Congress to endorse a military strike against Syria, protesters took to the streets of Tempe to voice their opposition. Tempe police Sgt. Mike Pooley said about half the crowd became unruly, and three people were taken into custody.
Sep. 2, 2013
Tablets Could Replace Signature Books At Polling Places
One of those old voting day traditions could be disappearing in Maricopa County. Tablets will soon be replacing those clunky old signature books at your local polling place. By November 2014, the Maricopa County elections office plans to replace thousands of those rosters with electronic tablets.
Sep. 2, 2013
Report: Solar Energy Cheap As Natural Gas By 2025
A solar power KJZZ file photo. (Photo courtesy of KJZZ File Footage) By Courtney Flatt and KJZZ NewsA new Department of Energy study predicts Arizona will use more energy per capita than any other western state by 2025.
Sep. 1, 2013