Grand Canyon To Spray Herbicide On Invasive Plants
Grand Canyon National Park staff will spray herbicide on invasive plants on the north rim next week.
May. 10, 2019
Hear From Phoenix City Council Candidates
Two seats were left open when Kate Gallego left her District 8 City Council seat to run for the office and District 5 Rep. Daniel Valenzuela left his seat to run against her. The Show invited each candidate to talk about issues important in their districts ahead of the May 21 runoff election.
May. 10, 2019
The Takeaway: Politics With Amy Walter —
It used to be that everyone wanted to run for Senate. Now, not so much. At least for the Democrats.
May. 10, 2019
Study: Air Pollution Significant At 96 Percent Of National Parks
As summer nears many families will head to national parks for fresh air. Well a new study released this week found 96 percent of national parks have air pollution problems.
May. 10, 2019
KJZZ's Friday NewsCap revisits some of the biggest stories of the week.
May. 10, 2019
Phoenix Police Team Trainer Aims To
Detective Sabrina Taylor is the Crisis Intervention Team training coordinator for Phoenix Police. Her team brings every stakeholder to the table — from law enforcement and behavioral health professionals to advocates — to address the problem.
May. 10, 2019
Firefighters Dealing With Denied Compensation Claims
Some Arizona firefighters are fighting more than fires — they’re also fighting their cities.
May. 10, 2019
LDS Church Makes Changes On Weddings, LGBT Rights
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints this month announced a change to its policy on weddings, in an effort to allow more friends and family members to be able to take part in them.
May. 10, 2019
U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Makes Bipartisan Shift
President Trump hasn't forgotten the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's criticism during the 2016 campaign, so the powerful lobbying organization is moving to be more bipartisan.
May. 10, 2019
AZ Superintendent Creates Position Focused On Equity
Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman is hiring for a new position: an associate superintendent of equity, diversity and inclusion.
May. 10, 2019
AG Makes Case To Overturn Injunction Blocking Anti-Israel-Boycott Law
Arizona's attorney general is making the case that a 9th U.S. Circuit Court ruling that blocks implementation of an anti-Israeli boycott law should be overturned.
May. 10, 2019
Banner Alzheimer’s Institute Plans Tucson Memory Center
The Banner Alzheimer's Institute has announced plans to build a multidisciplinary memory and research center in Tucson. The 10,000-square-foot Toole Family Memory Center will house research as well as patient and family services.
May. 10, 2019
Fewer Arizonans Vaccinate Kindergartners
More Arizonans are choosing not to vaccinate younger children. Jessica Rigler with the state’s Department of Health Services said more parents of kindergartners are seeking exemptions for vaccines.
May. 10, 2019
Last Day For Phoenix Voters To Request Early Ballot By Mail
Friday is the last day for registered voters to request an early ballot by mail for the city of Phoenix’s runoff election on May 21. Completed early ballots must be received no later than 7 p.m. on May 21. Voters also can cast ballots early in person by May 17 at City Hall.
May. 10, 2019
Mining Company Sues Its Own Retirees To Change Benefits Provided
Copper mining company Asarco sued its own retirees and several unions representing its former workers in federal court on Monday. The company is seeking a ruling that it is allowed to change employee benefits, for both current and retired workers, through a new plan outlined in a collective bargaining agreement.
May. 10, 2019
A Tale Of 2 Hospitals: Public Health Care Design Evolves
Hospital design evolves as technology and health care evolve. For the Maricopa County public health system, that’s meant a need for more behavioral health beds for a growing population and more awareness for mental health. The final part of this series looks at the future of Maricopa Integrated Health System.
Part I: Maricopa County Public Health Care Today
Part II: County Hospital's Designer An Arizona Icon
May. 10, 2019
AZ Republican Joins Budget Boycott Over Sex Abuse Bill
State budget negotiations stalled Thursday when a second GOP lawmaker said she won't vote for a spending plan unless the state gives victims of childhood sexual abuse more time to sue their attackers.
May. 10, 2019
Border Patrol Warns Migrants Of Arizona
U.S. Border Patrol is once again warning migrants of the dangers of crossing the Arizona-Mexico border as temperatures heat up in the desert. But the agency is facing new challenges on the border.
May. 10, 2019
House OKs Restriction On
Rep. Ben Toma, R-Peoria, says prosecutors use the serial offender designation as "a big hammer" to get plea deals.
May. 10, 2019
Tucson Student Facing Deportation Released By Border Patrol
Desert View High School senior Thomas Torres has been released from Border Patrol custody, and friends and family are raising funds to help support his legal case.
May. 9, 2019