Jeff Flake
Congress returns to D.C. Monday after a week-long recess. For Republican Senator Jeff Flake going back to Washington may come as a relief. Caren Teves, whose son died at the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shootings last year, outside Sen.
May. 6, 2013
StoryCorps Phoenix: Lilia Alvarez and Anna Berlenga
We are pleased to share the voices and conversations of our community from StoryCorps Phoenix. StoryCorps Phoenix is the project that records the stories of everyday people and archives them at the Library of Congress.
May. 6, 2013
Nevada lawmakers consider "commuter tax" for Arizonans who work in the Silver State
Some people in Arizona who cross the state line to work in Nevada may be required to pay a “commuter tax.” Supporters of the proposed fees say they would create revenues for Nevada road maintenance and construction.
May. 6, 2013
Arias onlookers say goodbye to trial
After more than four months, the Jodi Arias Trial has finally gone to the jury. It’s been a long haul – and not just for the lawyers and media. Since Jan. 2, spectators have been lining up inside the Maricopa County Superior Court to watch the drama unfold.
May. 5, 2013
Economist: Proposition 100 was unavoidable, helpful
Three years ago, Arizona voters approved Proposition 100, which raised the state sales tax by a penny on the dollar for three years. Most of the money has been set aside for education, with the rest going to health and public safety.
May. 4, 2013
U.S. Forest Service budget cuts could cost Arizona money
The federal government is telling hundreds of counties across the country it wants some money back. The U.S. Forest Service says it has to cut its budget by five percent because of sequestration, and that could mean several counties in Arizona could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.
May. 3, 2013
Federal grant money coming to help repair US 89
The Arizona Department of Transportation has been awarded a grant to help repair damage on U.S. 89, south of Page. The U.S. Department of Transportation has approved $35 million in emergency relief for repairs to the roadway, which collapsed in February.
May. 3, 2013
Gas prices continue to fall across Arizona
The price of gas continues to drop in Arizona. AAA Arizona says the statewide average this morning is $3.44 a gallon, down a nickel in the last week.  Spokeswoman Stephanie Dembowski says prices remain low for several reasons.
May. 3, 2013
State says it
State officials say they have more resources ready this year to deal with wildfires. The state has several new trucks, and Governor Jan Brewer says she's confident firefighters are prepared. But state Forester Scott Hunt says it could be a busy a fire season.
May. 3, 2013
Governor signs foster home non-vaccination bill
Placing foster children in homes where other children are not immunized just got easier. Governor Jan Brewer has signed a bill saying the Department of Economic Security cannot force foster parents to immunize their own children in order to be licensed.
May. 3, 2013
Sumo marathoner strikes again
This Saturday, a man who weighs 407 pounds will run the Shiprock Marathon in New Mexico. Sumo wrestler and marathoner Kelly Gneiting doesn't do subtle. Here's the cover of his book, "Fat Passion." (Photo courtesy of Dustin Snipes) And that’s not wishful thinking.
May. 3, 2013
Senator Rubio says immigration reform bill may not be tough enough
Florida Senator Marco Rubio says a new immigration reform bill he helped write needs stronger border security provisions or it will fail in the House and may even have trouble getting through the Senate.
May. 2, 2013
Coupon counterfeiter will go to prison
A Phoenix woman bas been sentenced to two years in prison and may  pay up to $5 million in restitution for her part in a fake coupon ring. In March, 41-year-old Robin Ramirez pleaded guilty to counterfeiting.
May. 2, 2013
Judge blocks campaign finance violation charges against AG
Campaign finance charges against Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne have hit a roadblock. A judge has ruled the case was mishandled. Horne is accused of illegally working with an independent expenditure committee during his 2010 election campaign.
May. 2, 2013
Arizona Supreme Court reduces former prosecutor
The Arizona Supreme Court has reduced the suspension of a former Maricopa County prosecutor by a day. But, that one day makes a difference.The justices Thursday cut Rachel Alexander’s suspension from six months and a day down to six months.
May. 2, 2013
Victims of gun violence protest outside Senator Jeff Flake
Victims of gun violence gathered Thursday outside Senator Jeff Flake’s Phoenix office. They pleaded with the senator to explain his recent vote against background checks for gun sales. Family and victims of Tucson and Aurora shootings ask Jeff Flake to talk with them on the background check vote.
May. 2, 2013
Campaign finance case against Horne could be dismissed Thursday
A Maricopa County Superior Court judge is expected to issue a ruling today on a request from Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne and an aideto throw out a campaign finance case against him.  Horne's attorney Michael Kimerer argued in court Wednesday that Secretary of State Ken Bennett erred in forwarding the complaint to Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, and that the $840 limit on how much Horne could take from a single source is unconstitutionally low.
May. 2, 2013
Williams drug ring bust results in 26 arrests
A task force has arrested 26 people in connection with a drug distribution ring based in Williams. The Department of Public Safety says its Gang and Immigration Intelligence Team made the arrests after a seven-month investigation into illegal drug sales by street gangs.
May. 2, 2013
Arizona consumers feeling more confident about economy
Arizona consumers are apparently feeling more confident about the economy.  New figures from the Behavior Research Center show 29 percent think current business conditions are good. That's the best number in years, with the percentage who think jobs are hard to get now at just 43 percent.
May. 2, 2013
Young bear found in Mesa taken back to forest
A young bear found roaming near an East Mesa neighborhood Tuesday night has been moved.  Tom Cadden of the Arizona Game and Fish Department says the bear likely roamed into the residential area after being chased off by older and larger male bears.
May. 2, 2013