Banner Alzheimer
Banner Alzheimer’s Institute announced it will embark on a new Alzheimer’s research trial with funding from the National Institute of Health. The institute received a $33.2 million award for research on prevention of late onset Alzheimer’s disease.
Sep. 19, 2013
Prosecutors Respond To Order In Milke Case
Maricopa County prosecutors acknowledge they did not give a judge a letter that contained information affecting a key witness' availability for the retrial of a former death row inmate. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Rosa Mroz had ordered prosecutors to explain why they did not promptly give her a letter they got from federal prosecutors.
Sep. 18, 2013
Average Summer Temperature Sets New Record
If you managed to stick it out these past few months in the Valley, congratulations, you lived through the hottest summer ever on record for Phoenix. According to the National Weather Service, the average temperature in Phoenix for June, July and August was 95.
Sep. 18, 2013
Campaign Financing
Money is a big part of political campaigns. It is nearly impossible to win a council or legislative seat without cash, and it is completely impossible to win a statewide or congressional race. Clean Elections was supposed to level the playing field to some extent by providing public financing for candidates and offering matching funds for people who were running against opponents with a higher level of private money, but Clean Elections has been defanged by the US Supreme Court, and a Maricopa County superior court judge declined to issue a temporary injunction blocking higher private contribution limits from going into effect.
Sep. 18, 2013
American Airlines and US Airways Employees Rally In Washington, DC
It's the latest on the stalled merger between American Airlines and Tempe-based US Airways. The carriers had high hopes of completing that merger by the end of this month, but a suit filed by the Department of Justice and several states including Arizona has put those on hold.
Sep. 18, 2013
New Phoenix Whole Foods Market Adds To Competitive Grocery Store Battle
It is a big day for shoppers in central Phoenix, with the grand opening of a new Whole Foods Market near 20th Street and Highland Avenue. The 35,000 square foot store will sell natural and organic foods and jump into the ultra-competitive grocery battle in the Valley.
Sep. 18, 2013
Explaining ASU Football
Somehow on Saturday night, Arizona State’s football team escaped with a win in one of the more bizarre finishes in recent history. Wisconsin’s quarterback thought he was intentionally stopping the clock by kneeling down, but the officiating crew saw it as something else, though they have not said what exactly.
Sep. 18, 2013
Blue-Footed Booby Spotted In Southeast Arizona
High-diving seabirds known as blue-footed boobies have suddenly expanded their range. The Arizona Daily Star says a blue-footed booby appeared at Patagonia Lake State Park last month in the first documented sighting of the species in southeast Arizona.
Sep. 18, 2013
Rocket Launches On Demonstration Mission To International Space Station
A privately-owned rocket on a supply mission launched this morning from a small island on the Virginia coast.  Aboard are 1,500 pounds of clothes, food, water and other items for the astronauts on the International Space Station.
Sep. 18, 2013
Immigration Reform Activists Plan Phoenix March For Oct. 5
Immigration reform activists are planning a mass demonstration next month here in Phoenix.  Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox says the 11 million de-facto citizens living in America need to be recognized through passage of comprehensive immigration reform legislation.
Sep. 18, 2013
Brewer To Stop Issuing Driver
Gov. Jan Brewer has opted to stop issuing driver's licenses to people in all deferred action programs. The decision comes after a federal judge told the state it’s action to refuse to issue licenses for people in the president’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was probably unconstitutional discrimination, because the state allowed those in other programs to drive.
Sep. 18, 2013
Three Students Sick From Cough Medicine
Three male students at Poston Butte High School in San Tan Valley are recovering after taking cough medicine that had been brought onto the campus. Rural Metro spokesman Colin Williams says the three teens were having some serious side effects but are expected to be okay.
Sep. 18, 2013
House Speaker Tobin Urges Swift Action On Death Benefits For Fallen Prescott Firefighters
An Arizona House committee got its first look Tuesday at proposals that would grant full state death benefits to some families of the firefighters killed in the Yarnell Hill Wildfire.  Arizona House Speaker Andy Tobin testifies about death benefits for families of fallen firefighters before members of the House Public Safety, Military and Regulatory Affairs Committee.
Sep. 17, 2013
Policeman Convicted Of Assault, Not Murder
A former Phoenix police officer has been convicted of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but a jury could not agree on charge of second-degree murder. Richard Chrisman was on trial for killing a man in 2010.
Sep. 17, 2013