Border Lane Closures Worsen Holiday Border Wait Times
The recent closure of two lanes at one of Nogales’ ports of entry further slowed notoriously long holiday border crossing times.
Nov. 17, 2018
Democrat Katie Hobbs Wins Arizona Secretary Of State Race
Democrat Katie Hobbs has declared victory in Arizona's Secretary of State race. She released a statement Friday evening saying, "Tonight we won the race for Arizona’s Secretary of State. I want to thank all of my supporters, volunteers, staff and Arizona voters for entrusting me with this responsibility."
Nov. 16, 2018
Ducey Fires State Parks Director Sue Black
Gov. Doug Ducey has fired state parks director Sue Black. Black had been on leave since the beginning of the month, when the state announced a criminal investigation into whether her agency had bulldozed archeological sites.
Nov. 16, 2018
Salmonella Outbreak In Turkey Products
More than 91,000 pounds of Jennie-O Turkey products were recalled Wednesday due to possible contamination by salmonella.
Nov. 16, 2018
Multi-Million Dollar Loss Expected After Mexico City NFL Game Canceled
The L.A. Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs were expected to play on Monday at the Aztec Stadium in Mexico City. But the field is damaged and the match cancelled — leaving local businesses concerned.
Nov. 16, 2018
More Families Living In 3-Generation Households
During the depths of the Great Recession and in its aftermath more families chose to live together. But despite a better economy, the trend of multi-generational households is continuing. Research shows that about 10 percent of American kids are living in a three-generation home.
Nov. 16, 2018
Nearly Half Of AZ 2017 Child Deaths Were Preventable
A newly released report has found nearly half of the 806 child deaths last year in Arizona could have been prevented. The Annual Arizona Child Fatality Review Program reports a rise in firearm-related fatalities and suicides.
Nov. 16, 2018
Turned Away Navajo Voters Get Another Chance To Cast Ballots
Navajo voters who couldn’t vote on election day due to a ballot shortage have until Nov. 21 to cast new ballots. The tribe was choosing a new president and several council delegates.
Nov. 16, 2018
Excessive Force Allegations Against Mesa Police Being Investigated
Security camera footage of Mesa man Robert Johnson — who was unarmed — being punched, kneed and pulled to the ground by 5 Mesa police officers caused an uproar when it was released last summer.
Nov. 16, 2018
Arizona Flu Cases Below 2017 Level But Above 5-Year Average
The number of people with lab-confirmed flu cases in Arizona is well below the number at this time last year, but still significantly above the five-year average.
Nov. 16, 2018
Walmart Transforming Parking Lots Into
Walmart, one of the world’s biggest retailers, is looking to downsize its parking lots and turn them into town centers.
Nov. 16, 2018
Arizona Unemployment Rate Up Slightly In October
Numbers released Thursday from the Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity show the percent of Arizonans unemployed and looking for work is identical to what it was a year ago. And it remains a full percentage point above the national average.
Nov. 16, 2018
What Was The Cost Of Bidding For Amazon
Amazon's new HQ is going to be split in two. That followed a lengthy application process that included more than 200 cities putting in a bid. So did those communities waste their time or were the efforts worthwhile?
Nov. 16, 2018
Nearly $2M Claim Filed Over Alleged Mesa Police Use Of Force
Lawyers for a black man shown on video being beaten by five Mesa police officers as he stood against a wall have filed a $1.97 million notice of claim against the city.
Nov. 16, 2018
To talk about the results from Election Day in Arizona — as ballot counting is almost done — and Jeff Flake’s latest stand in the Senate, The Show was joined by Jon Gabriel, editor in chief of Ricochet.com and Sam Richard of Creosote Partners.
Nov. 16, 2018
The Pulse: ‘Zero Waste’ Town In Japan Recycles Most Of Its Trash
It’s not yet 8 a.m., and the recycling center in the town of Kamikatsu is already bustling. Locals arrive in a steady stream, unloading bags full of bottles, cans, and paper into dozens of clearly-labeled bins — all neatly lined up in rows.
Nov. 16, 2018
The Takeaway: Counting On Election Integrity In Florida
Echoes of 2000 campaign between George Bush vs. Al Gore haunt the 2016 midterm elections in Florida. David Smiley, a political reporter at The Miami Herald, recaps the status of manual recounts in Florida and the potential that candidates will launch more legal challenges.
Nov. 16, 2018
Health Officials Target Teens With Anti-Vaping Campaign
More and more teenagers are vaping, and now Arizona health officials are preparing to launch a campaign they hope will scare teens from starting.
Nov. 16, 2018
Dorilocos And Diabetes: How Free Trade Has Affected Nutrition
Diabetes is the among the main causes of death in Mexico, and it falls just behind the U.S. in obesity, and some researchers say this is a result on how global trade has modified food habits in Mexico and argue that nutrition should be addressed in the new USMCA agreement.
More Stories From Mexico City
Nov. 16, 2018
This Legal Issue Could Disrupt Drought Talks — Again
As water users hurry to make a deal on drought before a big December meeting, some are wondering: who signs the deal? An old, divisive disagreement over legal autonomy threatened to rear its head again at a special meeting of the board of the agency that runs the Central Arizona Project.
Nov. 15, 2018