Arizona Officials Take Oath Of Office
Monday was Inauguration Day in Arizona. Six statewide officials took the oath of office and officially begin their four-year terms. And, unlike the past several years, two of those statewide elected officials are Democrats.
Jan. 7, 2019
Where Would Money For Phoenix Suns Arena Renovations Come From?
Over the weekend, the city of Phoenix held the first of five meetings to gather public input on its proposed deal with the Suns to renovate the Talking Stick Resort Arena.
Jan. 7, 2019
The Takeaway: How The Government Shutdown Is Affecting Immigration Courts
Government employees are not the only ones affected by the shutdown. For thousands of immigrants and asylum seekers awaiting their day in court, the shutdown has presented yet another obstacle.
Jan. 7, 2019
Maricopa County Supervisors Say Election Reform Is Priority
In 2019, Maricopa County's Board of Supervisors plan to take action on resolving the 2018 election issues. With 748 voting precincts in Maricopa County, Board of Supervisors Chair Steve Chucri called it a top priority heading into 2019.
Jan. 7, 2019
Court To Give Opponents Another Swipe At Ballot Harvesting Law
As national attention focuses on the investigation into possible "ballot harvesting" in a North Carolina congressional race, a federal appeals court plans to give Democrats another chance to argue against an earlier ruling upholding Arizona's 2016 elections law.
Jan. 7, 2019
National Economic Index Points To Possible Slowdown
A national economic index partially created by an Arizona State University professor is pointing to signs of a possible slowing economy. Dale Rogers helped create the Logistics Managers Index, which measures things like transportation warehousing and inventory.
Jan. 7, 2019
U.S. Attorney General Wields Vast Power Over Immigration Courts
Immigrant-rights activists celebrated when a federal judge recently threw out the former U.S. attorney general’s decision to deny asylum to victims of certain crimes. But President Donald Trump’s administration could soon again disqualify some people from asylum, thanks to the attorney general’s power to rule on certain immigration cases.
Jan. 7, 2019
Social Security Scam Growing Rapidly
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said a scam involving Social Security numbers is growing rapidly. In 2017, the agency said it received 3,200 complaints from people who reported losing nearly $210,000. In 2018, the FTC received more than 35,000 reports from people who reported losing $10 million.
Jan. 7, 2019
Flagstaff Utilizes Smartphone Data To Map Traffic
Many smartphone applications have the option to have location services on. When location services are on, app companies can sell this information, known as "big data." Flagstaff is one of the first cities to utilize big data.
Jan. 6, 2019
Phoenix Holds Meeting To Gather Public Input
Phoenix held its first meeting Saturday to gather public input on its proposed deal with the Suns to renovate the Talking Stick Resort Arena. Staff laid out the building’s history and basic terms of the $230 million proposal.
Jan. 5, 2019
National Parks Stay Open, Many Unstaffed
The state of Arizona has just approved funds for another week at the Grand Canyon that will keep the park staffed with emergency and maintenance crews during the federal government shutdown. But other national parks have not been so lucky.
Jan. 4, 2019
Feds Relaunch System For Requesting Foreign Workers
The U.S. Department of Labor has scheduled its internet system for accepting applications for foreign guest workers to be back up and running at noon MST on Monday, after high demand for H-2B visas caused it to crash on Jan. 1.
Jan. 4, 2019
Kyrene School District Offers Online Registration
“Traditionally parents would have to come in person with all of their paperwork and fill everything out and now they’re going to be able to go online and do things digitally,” said district spokesperson Erin Helm.
Jan. 4, 2019
Prosecutor Asks High Court Not To Hear Cannabis Case
An Arizona prosecutor has asked the state supreme court not to hear a controversial case that is roiling Arizona’s medical marijuana industry. The case was appealed after a lower court ruled against a medical marijuana patient.
Jan. 4, 2019
Sonoran Crops Damaged By Cold, Snowy Weather
Produce growers in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, are asking authorities to declare a state of emergency as snowfall and extreme cold weather damage thousands of crops throughout the state.
Jan. 4, 2019
Former Toys R Us Employees Get Money
After months of fighting for severance pay, some former Toys R Us employees in the Phoenix area are now seeing some money. Checks went out this week to thousands of former employees across the country, including Tracy Auerbach in Chandler.
Jan. 4, 2019
Beauty Retailer To Close 6 Arizona Stores
A Missouri-based beauty retailer is pulling out of Arizona and will close six stores. In a statement last month, Beauty Brands’ CEO Caryn Lerner said, “Necessary organizational changes are required heading into the new year.”
Jan. 4, 2019
Free Workshops For Potential Angel Investors
Mesa is working with with PHX East Valley Partnership to launch a series of free workshops will help people learn about potential investment opportunities. To help startups succeed and create new jobs, experts say the Valley needs to increase early-stage investment.
Jan. 4, 2019
Coyotes CEO Talks About Future Of Team In Arizona
A year-end letter from President and CEO Ahron Cohen to fans included lines related to speculation about possible ownership transactions.
Jan. 4, 2019
Some Defendants May Not Be Judged By A Jury Of Peers
What role does race, or more specifically, racial bias, play in jury selection? There hasn’t been a lot of research on this, so Ron Wright and some colleagues set out to change that.
Jan. 4, 2019