The Takeaway: It Is Time To Confront White Supremacist Violence
Last week was a disheartening and troubling spree of violence and terror — and raises critical questions about the rise of white supremacist violence in our nation.
Oct. 29, 2018
Early Voting Surges In Arizona
The Arizona Secretary of State’s Office is reporting a surge in early voting. Spokesperson Matt Roberts said the office has received about 200,000 more early ballots this year than at this point in the 2014 election cycle.
Oct. 29, 2018
AZ Border Agent Accused Of Moving Drugs On-Duty
The FBI said an Arizona Border Patrol agent handed hundreds of thousands of dollars over to drug traffickers and picked up cocaine while on the job in a remote part of Southern Arizona. The 32-year-old Vail resident resigned in September, after facing a separate weapons charge.
Oct. 29, 2018
A Controversial Plan To Move Millions Of Workers
Mexico’s incoming president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has a controversial plan to reduce the capital’s big city problems — traffic, pollution, even water shortages — and stimulate the economy in smaller cities by moving federal government offices out of the capital. By one estimate, the move could eventually relocate as many as 2.7 million people.
Oct. 29, 2018
Mount Graham Red Squirrel Population Increases
After the Frye Fire in southern Arizona in 2017, the already endangered Mount Graham red rquirrel population dropped from just over 250 to 35. A year later, the population has almost doubled.
Oct. 29, 2018
Poverty Rates Drop When Some College Students Excluded
New research from the Census Bureau shows when college students live off-campus, they can impact poverty rates.
Oct. 29, 2018
Protest Leads Police To Try New Tools
In hopes of avoiding a repeat of last year’s presidential visit that turned violent, Phoenix police want to buy two long-range acoustic devices.
Oct. 29, 2018
2 Arizona Universities Ban Dockless Scooters
Arizona State University and the University of Arizona have both banned dockless electric scooters from campus.
Oct. 28, 2018
9th Circuit Changes Mind On Grand Canyon Mine Claim
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a new opinion in a decades-long battle involving uranium mining on land outside Grand Canyon National Park. But some say the decision may be too late.
Oct. 27, 2018
Releases Of Migrant Families Expands Along Southwest
Federal authorities have been releasing hundreds of undocumented immigrant families and asylum seekers in Arizona since early October, and the practice is spreading along the Southwest border.
Oct. 26, 2018
Scabies Confirmed At 2 Arizona Prisons
Scabies outbreaks at the Tucson and Douglas prisons infected close to 100 people. Inmates initially received no treatment during the first complaints.
Oct. 26, 2018
Pence Stumps Across Southwest For GOP Candidates
Vice President Mike Pence is in the Southwest Friday as he stumps for Republican candidates. Pence will be in Roswell, New Mexico, Friday afternoon before moving on to Yuma.
Oct. 26, 2018
Discussing the week in news with Former Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman and longtime pollster Mike O’Neil, host of the radio program the Think Tank.
Oct. 26, 2018
AZ Supreme Court Releases Details On #InvestInEd Vote
Eight weeks after the Invest in Education ballot initiative was kicked off the ballot, the details on the Arizona Supreme Court’s opinion have been released. The court voted 5-2 to strike the proposition that would have raised taxes to help fund public education.
Oct. 26, 2018
Why Do We Use Movie Quotes To Communicate?
On Oct. 3 — which is “Mean Girls” Day — Tina Fey, who wrote the movie, attended a ceremony in New York to rename a portion of 52nd Street "W. Fetch Street." This got Julie Himberg wondering, why is it that we use movie quotes to communicate?
Oct. 26, 2018
AZ Supreme Court Confirms 5-2 Vote Against Invest In Ed
At the end of August, the state Supreme Court ruled the Invest in Ed measure could not appear on the ballot. On Friday, the court released its full opinion, including the actual vote count among justices. On Friday, the court released its full opinion, including the actual vote count among justices.
Oct. 26, 2018
Phoenix Rising Looks To Continue Playoff Run
Phoenix Rising Football Club is hosting Swope Park Rangers, from Kansas City, Friday night, in the United Soccer League’s Western Conference Semi-finals. That’s the team that knocked Phoenix Rising out in the first round of the USL playoffs last year.
Oct. 26, 2018
Author Travels U.S. To Find Out
A couple of years ago, Ted Dintersmith embarked on a cross-country trip. His goal was to raise awareness of the need to reimagine our country’s education system and to learn about some of the innovative ways teachers, students and school district administrators are trying to do that.
Oct. 26, 2018
Arizona Summit Law School Presents Closure Plan
Officials at the Arizona Summit Law School have presented a plan to state regulators which will involve the closing of the state’s only private law school. Anne Ryman, who covers higher education for the Arizona Republic and azcentral, joined The Show to talk about it.
Oct. 26, 2018
Is The Idea Of
Authorities announced this morning they have arrested a man they say is connected to the nearly one-dozen packages mailed to Democratic leaders containing what appeared to be homemade pipe bombs.
Oct. 26, 2018