New Phoenix Coyotes
The Glendale City Council has approved an agreement for the management of Jobing.com Arena, freeing up the National Hockey League to approve a new Phoenix Coyotes ownership group.One of the Coyotes' new owners, Anthony LeBlanc, discussed why he thinks the Valley will be a successful market for professional hockey.
Jul. 3, 2013
Examining the impact of the U.S. Airways-American Airlines
The anticipated merger of American Airlines and Tempe-based U.S. Airways has many in the Valley worried about the effect on the economy, considering the combined airline is going to be headquartered in Dallas, but analyst Holly Hegeman said Phoenix may be used as a hub to the West Coast, a significant benefit to the Valley.
Jul. 3, 2013
How magazine covers influence consumers
The latest edition of The New Yorker magazine has led to a lot of debate about same sex marriage and childhood icons. It features Bert and Ernie of Sesame Street cuddling on the couch watching the Supreme Court on television, a reference to the high court overturning the Defense of Marriage Act.
Jul. 3, 2013
Glendale arena lease agreement approved, paves the way to keeping the Coyotes in Ariz.
The Glendale City Council has voted 4-3 to approve an arena lease agreement with Renaissance Sports and Entertainment, the group that is purchasing the Phoenix Coyotes. The $225 million, 15-year deal, represents a big step in keeping the Coyotes in Arizona.
Jul. 3, 2013
Contributions to 100 Club of Arizona help families of 19 firefighters killed in Yarnell Hill Fire
People and companies from across the country are donating to the families of the 19 firefighters killed battling the Yarnell Hill Fire. Corporations like Motorola, the Arizona Cardinals and media personality Glen Beck have contributed thousands of dollars to the 100 Club of Arizona, an organization that provides financial and emotional support to the families of first-responders who are killed or injured in the line of duty.
Jul. 3, 2013
Food prices down, but not for long
The Arizona Farm Bureau Federation says a typical market basket of products, cost a little less last quarter. The total was $47.97. That was $1.78 less than in the first quarter, and off more than $3 from a year ago.
Jul. 3, 2013
Water usage on Sunday breaks record by 40 million gallons
Phoenix residents set a new record for water usage last weekend because of the high heat. The water department says 420 million gallons of water were used Sunday, up from last year's record of 382 million gallons.
Jul. 3, 2013
Valley fever not just a human problem
When Suzie Hatch comes home from work, she is greeted by powerful, predictable barks. Kindred the Basset Hound survived Valley fever a few years back -- but only after his owner, Suzie Hatch, lost a previous dog to the illness.
Jul. 3, 2013
Yarnell wind forecast could change quickly
Weather experts working with fire crews in Yarnell say current forecast shows wind gusts are at about 15 to 20 miles per hour. But they say wind direction and speed could change quickly. It can go as high as 80 miles per hour.
Jul. 2, 2013
Monsoon season appears to have arrived early
If you were thinking the monsoon arrived a bit early in the year, you are right. Weather experts said temperatures in the last two weeks seem to signal the approach of the season. Meteorologists say high temperatures, dry lighting storms and the muggy humidity are not uncommon when monsoon approaches.
Jul. 2, 2013
Advocates work to sign up children for KidsCare program
Advocates Wednesday will launch an effort to sign up more kids for a program that offers health insurance to children whose families cannot afford private insurance but make too much money to qualify for Medicaid.
Jul. 2, 2013
Navajo Nation suffers through drought
Extreme drought has hit the Navajo Nation. Nation President Ben Shelly signed a declaration of emergency Monday. Shelly is directing all executive branch agencies of the Nation to develop plans for responding to the drought and educating the public about the effects.
Jul. 2, 2013
Navajos to allow drinking on casino floors
People gambling at the Navajo Nation’s casino in Arizona just got the green light to drink. Nation President Ben Shelly signed the bill expanding alcohol consumption Monday. The move follows the Navajo Nation Council’s Friday vote to allow drinking on casino floors.
Jul. 2, 2013
Study: consumers need protections from unjustified health insurance rate increases
A new report says Arizona's Department of Insurance needs more authority to protect consumers from unreasonable and unjustified health insurance rate increases. The Arizona PIRG Education Fund gives the department credit for doing what it can given its limited powers.
Jul. 2, 2013
Woman dies while hiking Grand Canyon
Rangers at the Grand Canyon are investigating the death of a woman who collapsed while hiking near the canyon floor. Spokeswoman Vanya Pryputniewicz said she was part of a group that had just begun an outing in very hot weather.
Jul. 2, 2013
Nineteen states want to review proposed airline merger
The Attorney General of Texas and his counterparts in 18 other states have joined a U.S. Department of Justice review of the proposed merger between American Airlines and Tempe-based U.S. Airways.It's not unusual for states to join a federal merger review.
Jul. 1, 2013