Alta Fillmore Apartment Complex
Developers are paying more attention to baby boomers as they plan multifamily housing projects. That was a key point shared during the Urban Land Institute’s annual conference in Phoenix.
Mar. 6, 2017
Tom O'Halleran
The newest members of Arizona’s congressional contingent are getting acclimated to their jobs in Washington, D.C. But, while one is already moving up the ranks, another said he’s being largely ignored.
Mar. 5, 2017
Supporters of President Donald Trump
Supporters of President Donald Trump rallied at the state Capitol on Saturday as part of a national movement to back the commander-in-chief. Anti-Trump protesters showed up, too.
Mar. 4, 2017
wheelchair user
A bill that would give local businesses up to 90 days to fix violations stemming from the Americans with Disabilities Act has passed the Arizona Senate and is now in the House.
Mar. 4, 2017
Phoenix City Council members approved a zoning change to allow a historic building that served as a church to be used for commercial purposes.
Mar. 4, 2017
Lake Mead
Gov. Doug Ducey has signed legislation to ensure that Arizona gets to keep any extra water it saves up in Lake Mead.
Mar. 4, 2017
The Arizona Legislature is currently considering legislation that would make it more difficult to qualify for the state’s Medicaid program. Navajo leaders are opposed to amending an Arizona law that would require all "able-bodied adults" receiving Medicaid to be employed, looking for a job or in school.
Mar. 4, 2017
Phoenix VA hospital
Closing arguments were Friday in a medical malpractice lawsuit brought by a veteran against the Phoenix VA Health Care System, and lawyers focused on what should — or should not — have happened when Steven Cooper’s first prostate exam showed irregularities.
Mar. 3, 2017
E.Coli, Bacteria, Cluster
Four cases of a dangerous strain of E. coli have been detected in Arizona. The Arizona Department of Health Services is recommending people avoid eating I.M. Healthy brands of soynut butter and other products containing the soynut butter.
Mar. 3, 2017
It’s time for the KJZZ Friday Newscap. Our special guest panelists this week are Amy Silverman, managing editor of Phoenix New Times and author of "My Heart Can't Even Believe It," and Rebekah Sanders, Maricopa County political reporter for The Arizona Republic and azcentral.com.
Mar. 3, 2017
Arizona PBS logo
Patsy Cline was tough. She wore pants when most women in country music wore gingham dresses, survived a nearly-fatal car crash at the height of her career and never stopped in her pursuit of her career. A new documentary delves into the country music legend’s life, early death and continuing influence. "Patsy Cline: American Masters" premieres this Sunday night on PBS.
Mar. 3, 2017
Brian Chartrand
Beginning in the mid-1960s and extending for at least another decade, Laurel Canyon in Southern California was a haven for folk rock, country rock and what’s come to be known as classic rock. On Saturday night at the Hyatt Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale, Brian Chartrand — along with two other singers and a band — will be performing the show Live from Laurel Canyon.
Mar. 3, 2017
Martha Redbone
American roots singer Martha Redbone has always mixed genres with her music, blending rhythm and blues, Appalachian mountain music and Native American music. But, with her latest album, she’s also blending cultures.
Mar. 3, 2017
Alcoholic drink
Beer and wine sales in the U.S. have been healthy for decades, while the market for spirits was consistent but not spectacular. Domestic sales of American whiskey approached $2.5 billion in 2014. That trend has been seen in Arizona, too. So what is this state doing to stand out?
Mar. 3, 2017
Kyrsten Sinema
These are especially turbulent times in Washington, D.C., with investigations into Russian connections to President Donald Trump’s Cabinet, concerns about the future of the Affordable Care Act and regulatory changes. Will Democrats be able to work with their Republican colleagues and Trump?
Mar. 3, 2017
Tony Rivero
With the Trump administration stepping up immigration enforcement and the divisive rhetoric surrounding immigrants in our country, politicians are speaking out on both sides of the issue. But, not everyone is toeing the party line. We speak to Arizona state Rep. Tony Rivero is a conservative Republican who represents Peoria and some of Sun City.
Mar. 3, 2017
Medical marijuana at Giving Tree
As Arizona’s medical marijuana sales rise, more dispensaries are opening in Phoenix. Last month, the city’s Board of Adjustment approved an application for a dispensary that will be located within 500 feet of a residential district, near the corner of Central Avenue and Thomas Road.
Mar. 3, 2017
Donald Trump
Let’s look now at reaction to the early months of the Trump administration closer to home. There are rallies planned in Phoenix tomorrow — one at the state Capitol and the other an Encanto Park. KJZZ’s Matt Casey will be reporting on both events and joins us now.
Mar. 3, 2017
the takeaway logo
A new report has revealed that then-Senator Sessions met with Russia's ambassador to the U.S. twice last year, information Sessions did not disclose during his confirmation hearing.
Mar. 3, 2017
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey
Gov. Doug Ducey said he doesn’t want to raise taxes. Instead, he’s asking the Trump administration to help Arizona deal with many of its financial woes.
Mar. 3, 2017