Bank Robber Killed In Exchange Of Gunfire With Officers
The man who was shot and killed after robbing a Compass Bank branch on Saturday has been identified as Mario Garnett, who is accused of robbing banks in Georgia and Mississippi, and in 2010, making a threat against President Obama.
Dec. 30, 2013
Analyzing Phoenix
On a previous edition of “The Show,” we talked with the city of Glendale’s finance director about decisions the city council was going to have to make pretty quickly to keep its economic troubles from getting worse, but what about Phoenix?
Dec. 27, 2013
Buffalo Soldiers served in Arizona
It was one of most unique Army regiments in Arizona. The group served in the state for several decades, but its lengthy service was not recognized until the 1960s.
Dec. 27, 2013
Other Areas Of Impairment Targeted
Law enforcement agencies are targeting drunk drivers this holiday season, but alcohol is not the only impairment on officials’ minds.
Dec. 27, 2013
Valley Food Banks Haven
The period leading up to Thanksgiving through New Year's tends to be a busy one for food banks.
Dec. 27, 2013
CARE Team Announces Assignment
The team looking into thousands of reports of child abuse that went ignored said more than half of those cases have been assigned to investigators.
Dec. 27, 2013
Navajo Veteran Housing Insufficient
Many of the 10,000 veterans who live on the Navajo Nation must put up with substandard housing.
Dec. 27, 2013
Sudanese Refugees In San Diego Discuss Violence in South Sudan
In recent weeks, fighting in South Sudan has caused more than 50,000 people to seek protection at United Nations peacekeeping bases there. The violence in this fledgling nation worries south Sudanese living in the U.S. with family still in the country.
Dec. 27, 2013
Holiday Task Forces And Interlocks Effective, But DUI Prevention Complicated
During the winter holiday season, DUI prevention becomes a top priority for law enforcement. Over the past several years, Arizona has put into place increasingly severe punishments for drunken driving.
Dec. 27, 2013
New Mexico To Become A New Wedding Destination
Towns and cities in New Mexico are expecting a tourism bump from same-sex couples who can now get marriage licenses in the state, after a ruling from the New Mexico Supreme Court earlier this month.
Dec. 26, 2013
Rural-Metro Agrees To Settlement
The Arizona U.S. Attorney’s office said Rural-Metro Corporation has agreed to pay nearly $3 million dollars in a settlement it reached with the federal government.
Dec. 26, 2013
Native American Sacred Places Increasingly Threatened
American Indian religions are uniquely tied to the land. For many there is no separation between spirit and nature. But as industries like mining or tourism push farther and farther into undeveloped areas, they can run into conflicts with tribes, who sometimes see their sacred land as more valuable than economic development.
Dec. 26, 2013
Valley Fever Season Hits As Drug Price Rises
PHOENIX – Valley Fever is caused by a fungus that is found in the soil in the Southwest. Symptoms can be flu-like, and some cases progress to chronic pneumonia.
Dec. 26, 2013
Black-Footed Ferret Could Find A Home
Arizona could once again become home to the black-footed ferret, an animal that once roamed the state.
Dec. 25, 2013
Beware Of Canal Bank Closures
Leisure activities on a couple of stretches of Phoenix canal banks will be on hold as 2014 gets underway.
Dec. 25, 2013
Best Of KJZZ
This week's special holiday version of "KJZZ's Here and Now" features some of the best and more interesting interviews of the year. It's truly a gift of Christmas.
Dec. 25, 2013
San Diego Leaders Ask Congress To Fund San Ysidro Port of Entry Expansion
Just about every politician with a stake in San Diego’s border region met Monday on the bridge overlooking the construction at San Ysidro Port of Entry to ask Congress to earmark funds to complete the project.
Dec. 25, 2013
Nine Rules For Making Christmas Tamales
For many, tamales are as big of part of Christmas as eggnog, caroling and fruitcake. And it’s not just the consumption of the corn-husked morsels but the family endeavor to make them.
Dec. 25, 2013
Keeping The Christmas Tradition Of Tamale Making Alive
Christmas is about tradition. And for many families across the Southwest a Christmas tradition is making tamales, but this culinary custom has a steep learning curve. At the San Antonio La Gran Tamalada, there are those willing to teach.
Dec. 25, 2013
Coping With Loss At the Holidays
This time of year can be difficult to get through if you have lost someone you love, gotten divorced or lost a job.
Dec. 24, 2013