Will Police Gun-Mounted Cameras Be More Effective?
The use of cameras by police departments — whether body-mounted or on automobile dashboards — has become much more common in just the past few years. Now, some cities and towns — including Williams, Arizona — are testing gun-mounted cameras as an innovation.
Jan. 8, 2018
 Save Our Schools Among Education Groups Marching At Capitol
The 2018 legislative session kicks off today, but thousands visited the Capitol complex on Saturday to march for schools. They chanted “Save our schools” and held signs with phrases like “I’ll care for you tomorrow if you invest in me today.” Joining us now is Dawn Penich Thacker with the group Save Our Schools Arizona.
Jan. 8, 2018
 Head Economist Digs Into State Of Overall U.S. Economy
As 2018 gets underway, there isn’t a general fear of a slowdown or a recession — at least not right around the corner.
Jan. 8, 2018
Arizona Social Justice Groups Rally At Capitol For Minority Issues
Dozens of social justice advocacy groups in Arizona gathered at the Arizona Capitol on Monday morning to demand that more minority issues get to a full vote in the Legislature.
Jan. 8, 2018
Flake: No Evidence Of Sonic Attack On US Diplomats In Cuba
Arizona Senator Jeff Flake was in Cuba this past weekend to meet with members of the country’s foreign ministry to strengthen US-Cuba relations.
Jan. 8, 2018
The Takeaway: The Oceans Are Suffocating
The oceans need oxygen to maintain a healthy ecosystem. But as the planet warms, dead zones are springing up and creating areas where marine life cannot survive
Jan. 8, 2018
The Takeaway: Olympics Bring A Shifting Tone On The Korean Peninsula
For the first time in two years, the two governments that occupy the Korean peninsula will hold high-level talks in advance of February’s Olympic games in the South.
Jan. 8, 2018
Education Expected To Be A Focus Of Gov. Ducey
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey will give his annual State of the State address Monday afternoon, as the legislature starts its 2018 session.
Jan. 8, 2018
Business Leaders Look Forward To Another Pro-Business Legislature
Arizona business leaders are planning on more good news ahead in the 2018 legislature.
Jan. 8, 2018
Navajo Nation Police Academy Opens Monday
The Navajo Nation Police Department has gone without an academy for over five years.
Jan. 8, 2018
Often when a high water bill drops the next month, the assumption is that a leak was fixed. In several cases, the water use seems to have dropped on its own and no one knows why.
Jan. 8, 2018
Marijuana Laws: Some New, Some Old
The murky rules regarding marijuana enforcement that emerged last week from the Trump Administration created uncertainty in a fast growing legal industry that emerged on the U.S. market less than a decade ago.
Jan. 8, 2018
Corp Comm Gets Closer To Adopting Code Of Ethics
Arizona’s public utilities commission is getting closer to adopting a code of ethics
Jan. 8, 2018
Scam Targets Those Recently Released From Jury Duty
People in Pima County are falling victim to a scam that preys on those who just went in for jury duty. Officers are warning people not to give out their personal information.
Jan. 8, 2018
Arizona Lawmaker Calls Out Gov. Ducey On Education Funding
Many have criticized Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s position that the state can fund education without additional revenue. It’s not just Democrats and educators who disagree with him.
Jan. 8, 2018
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey To Deliver State Of The State Address
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is getting ready to deliver the State of the State address Monday. Ducey said he’ll continue to build on accomplishments in his three years in office.
Jan. 8, 2018
2018 Lemon Prices Expected To Rise
2018 is expected to bring in record revenue and profits for lemon growers.
Jan. 8, 2018
Phoenix Man Wants More Transportation Options For People With Disabilities
A man who relies on others to get around Phoenix wants the city to increase transportation options.
Jan. 8, 2018
Sky Harbor Airport Closes One Runway For Maintenance
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport will close its north runway for repairs on Monday. Arrival and departure delays are possible during peak travel times from 7:30 a.m.-10 a.m. and 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Jan. 7, 2018
Crowd Gathers In Phoenix For
A large crowd gathered around the Arizona Capitol on Saturday. Residents from all over the Phoenix area came together for the “March to Save Our Schools."
Jan. 6, 2018