Entertainment Heavy-Hitters Unveil Streaming Services
"The Mandalorian" is a live-action Star Wars series exclusive to the Disney+ streaming service. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu continue to grow in popularity, and they are far from alone.
Dec. 2, 2019
UA Ready To Receive Students At Veterinary School
The University of Arizona is launching the first veterinary school in the state, and it’s been a long time coming. The university first announced it planned to open the college in 2015, but the project was pushed back after the accreditation-awarding Council on Education cited shortfalls in some of the required standards.
Dec. 2, 2019
Dr. Joseph Sirven: Medical Translators
The Show frequently checks in with Dr. Joseph Sirven, a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic, to discuss the latest news from the medical world.
Dec. 2, 2019
AZ Lawmakers Prepare To Fight For Sexual Abuse Education
Arizona lawmakers are preparing to fight for a bill that requires schools to train students and teachers how to recognize and report sexual abuse.
Dec. 2, 2019
BBC Look-Ahead: Trump Heads To UK For NATO Gathering
A couple of decisions coming up this week could impact investigations into potential war crimes in Afghanistan, and whether Russian athletes will be able to compete under their country’s flag.
Dec. 2, 2019
How Subprime Auto Loans Could Affect The Economy
This year, subprime auto loans are on the way to driving past the 2018 record of $32 billion. Why are investors so interested in that kind of auto loan, and could there be a negative impact on the U.S. economy around the corner?
Dec. 2, 2019
Boas: Term Limits For The U.S. Supreme Court
Last week’s news that 86-year old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had to be hospitalized turned up the volume in Washington, where liberals and conservatives considered the possibility of another high court appointment by President Trump.
Dec. 2, 2019
The Pulse: How Climate Change Is Affecting Public Health — And What Nurses Are Doing About It
Looking at the underlying conditions that are making people sick is sometimes called upstream medicine. These days, a lot of nurses are concerned about climate change and its impact on people's health, and nurses are responding in their own way — from changing how they handle patients to adopting new hospital procedures.
Dec. 2, 2019
USPS Holiday Mailing Deadlines Begin In 2 Weeks
Thanksgiving's late date this year has left only three weeks preparation for Hanukkah and Christmas. The U.S. Postmaster has warned that leaves only two weeks to make the holiday shipping deadlines, and less time to make the Dec. 11 deadline for mailing First Class mail cards and letters for military destinations.
Dec. 2, 2019
Lucid Motors Plant In Casa Grande Expected To Bring 2,000 Jobs
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey will meet with his Sonora Mexico counterpart at a groundbreaking ceremony in Casa Grande on Monday. Lucid Motors expects to create more than 2,000 jobs once it opens its first electric vehicle plant in Pinal County.
Dec. 2, 2019
Rescuers Search For Girl Missing After Truck Swept Away
Nine members of an Arizona family, together for the Thanksgiving holiday, were in an oversized military-style truck when they got stuck in a raging creek swollen by intense runoff from a powerful storm.
Dec. 2, 2019
Revived Stretch Of Santa Cruz River Provides Oasis For Wildlife
Dragonflies, toads and birds are just some of the wildlife showing up since a project started releasing treated wastewater into into the dry channel of the Santa Cruz River in June.
Dec. 2, 2019
Tribes, Groups Oppose Grand Canyon Dams
A Phoenix company is asking the federal government for preliminary permits to study two dam projects along the Little Colorado River on the Navajo Reservation. But tribes, conservation groups, and the Arizona Department of Game and Fish are speaking out.
Dec. 2, 2019
Why Scottsdale Wants To Hear Your Privacy Concerns
Scottsdale wants to become smarter and it’s asking students, residents and companies to help. On Wednesday, Dec. 11, Scottsdale will host a workshop to explore what it means to be a smart city.
Dec. 2, 2019
Conflict Of Interests In Mexico May Affect Human Rights
Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission, an autonomous institution that monitors the government, has a new leader. Controversy, however, surrounds the selection.
Dec. 2, 2019
9th U.S. Circuit Takes Up Third-Country Asylum Rule
The legal challenge to the Trump administration’s third-country asylum rule goes before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday morning.
Dec. 2, 2019
Rocky Point Mayor Urges Investment, Says City Is Safe
In an Hermosillo hotel event room packed with Sonoran business people last week, state tourism official Luis Nunez touted Rocky Point as Sonora’s “principal tourist destination.”
Dec. 2, 2019
ASU Library Map And Geospatial Hub Relocating, Giving Away Maps
The ASU Library Map and Geospatial Hub is relocating to the Hayden Library. For space reasons, it is giving away hundreds of maps to the public. The library already has given away more than 50,000 maps over the past two and a half years.
Dec. 2, 2019
AZ Receives $17.4M In Grants To Revitalize Bus Infrastructure
Two Arizona transportation projects will receive more than $17 million in federal funds. The money will go toward improving bus safety and efficiency.
Dec. 1, 2019
Maricopa County Animal Shelter Wants You To Adopt
The Maricopa County Animal Shelters are over capacity. They receive upwards of 80 stray animals a day but usually only have room for 10.
Nov. 30, 2019