Paolo Soleris Influence Is Shown In New Documentary
To Arizonans, Paolo Soleri is best known for Arcosanti in Cordes Junction about 70 miles north of Phoenix, and perhaps the sound of Soleri bells. Soleri envisioned Arcosanti as a place that would combine architecture and ecology.
Oct. 12, 2013
Phoenix Parking Lots May See Fewer Charity Boxes
There may be fewer of those charity drop boxes you see in commercial parking lots around Phoenix. A new fee on the boxes goes into effect Jan. 1. Until the city council approved the new permitting fee this week there was no regulation on who could place those large collection boxes or where.
Oct. 12, 2013
ASU Report Shows Housing Market Has Improved Quickly
A new report from ASU shows the Valley housing market is continuing to improve, with supply finally starting to increase to meet demand. Mike Orr of the W.P. Carey School of business says he’s surprised the area housing market has improved to this point as quickly as it has.
Oct. 12, 2013
Food Prices Up, Chicken Shows Greatest Cost Increase
The cost of food is on the rise, and chicken is leading the way. The Arizona Farm Bureau Federation says the cost of a typical market-basket of items is up 6 percent from last quarter. Marketing manager Peggy Jo Goodfellow says their shoppers found the average price of a pound of boneless chicken breasts was up $4.
Oct. 12, 2013
Feds Could Allow Arizona To Re-Open Grand Canyon
The Obama administration says it may allow states to use their own money to re-open some national parks that have been closed because of the government shutdown. Governor Jan Brewer is one of a handful of governors who have been asking for that.
Oct. 12, 2013
Arizona Ranks In The Bottom Five In The US For Child Well-Being
To expand or not to expand Medicaid. That was the core question in Arizona’s 2013 legislative session, whether more low-income Arizonans would be eligible for state-supported health care coverage, and that coverage can have a huge impact on poor kids in Arizona.
Oct. 12, 2013
Illegal Immigration Numbers Shift To Texas
Border Patrol Statistics show that illegal immigration along the Southwest border has shifted to the east in recent years. The number of people caught crossing the border illegally in Texas rose from 125,000 in fiscal 2009 to more than 225,000 this past fiscal year.
Oct. 12, 2013
Arizona Chamber Of Commerce Calls On Officials To End Shutdown
As the federal government shutdown continues, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry is condemning members of Congress and the president. CEO Glen Hammer is calling on officials in Washington to do what’s right for the country by ending the impasse.
Oct. 12, 2013
Brewer Continues To Push For Re-Opening Of The Grand Canyon
Governor Jan Brewer says federal officials are continuing to refuse her request to re-open the Grand Canyon with state funds. She says she is continuing to speak with officials in Washington in an effort to re-open the park.
Oct. 12, 2013
Former Fiesta Bowl Lobbyist Indicted For Campaign Contributions
A former lobbyist for the Fiesta Bowl has been indicted by a state grand jury. The indictments cover campaign contributions made to several current and former Arizona politicians.Gary Husk was a lobbyist for the Fiesta Bowl.
Oct. 12, 2013
Grand Canyon National Park Will Open Saturday
Grand Canyon National Park will open Saturday. That announcement came this afternoon after Gov. Jan Brewer and the federal government reached an agreement. The Grand Canyon is scheduled to reopen Saturday.
Oct. 12, 2013
Tourists Find Ways Around National Parks Shutdown
Many people who traveled thousands of miles to hike, camp or paddle in a national park aren’t letting a government shutdown spoil their vacation. They’re finding there are ways around the park closures.
Oct. 5, 2013
Studying Who Heat Islands Hurt And Where They Live
This past summer was the hottest ever in Phoenix, according to the National Weather Service. Mikhail Chester is an assistant professor of civil, environmental and sustainability engineering at ASU. (Photo by Nick Blumberg-KJZZ) During the height of the heat, few places in the U.
Oct. 3, 2013
Shutdown Could Cost Arizona Tourism Industry Millions Of Dollars A Day
Arizona’s tourism industry stands to lose millions of dollars a day if national parks close as part of a possible federal government shutdown. Cronkite News says visitors to Arizona’s national parks spend an average of $2.
Oct. 3, 2013
Judge: Litigation To Proceed On US Airways-American Airlines Merger
One thing that won’t be delayed because of the government shutdown is the trial over the merger of American Airlines and Tempe-based US Airways.A federal judge in Washington denied a Department of Justice request to put the case on hold on Tuesday.
Oct. 3, 2013
Judge Orders Court-Appointed Monitor To Oversee Sheriff Arpaios Office
A court-appointed monitor will oversee the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to make sure the department ends discriminatory practices. MCSO was accused of racial profiling as part of a civil suit. This is the result of a six year legal battle over a racial discrimination case against the sheriff’s department.
Oct. 3, 2013