Arizona Counties Rank High In Suicide Rates
Suicide ranks among the 10 leading causes of death in the U.S., and rates are on the rise. Now, new research relates suicide rates to socioeconomic factors at the county level.
Sept. 6, 2019
Retiring The Keys: Talking To Dementia Patients About Driving
For many Americans, driving is a rite of passage. It signals freedom and possibility. But driving eventually becomes routine. We rely on our vehicles to take us wherever we want, whenever we want. Until dementia strikes. For many families, caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia means eventually taking away the car keys.
Researchers Studying The Effects Of Marijuana On Dementia Patients
Sept. 6, 2019
Southwest Key Hopes To Reopen Shelter In Youngtown
Southwest Key Programs hopes to reopen the last of two Arizona shelters that closed about a year ago. The Texas-based nonprofit has received hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding during the fiscal year that ends in September.
Sept. 5, 2019
Border Basketball Art Installation Removed By Feds
As a part of his Gold Nets project, New York-based artist Jeremy John Kaplan installed about 30 gold-dyed nets across Nogales, Sonora, in August. A U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesperson said it could be used to aid smuggling.
Sept. 5, 2019
Inmate Newsletter Gives Unfiltered View Of Prison Life
Only two pages of the Morning Star were shared with KJZZ, but the publication gives readers a rarely seen, unfiltered description of life in an Arizona prison from the viewpoint of an incarcerated person.
Sept. 5, 2019
Homeland Security To Begin Testing New Drone
The federal Homeland Security Department will begin testing a small drone to patrol the U.S.-Mexico border. The department recently awarded a San Diego company Planck Aerosystems $200,000 to begin testing its small drone design along the border.
Sept. 5, 2019
Glendale Officer Resigns After Use-Of-Force Incident
A Glendale police officer has resigned after an internal investigation found he violated department use of force policies. Officer Joshua Carroll was responding to a report of a suspicious man in vehicle outside an apartment complex in June when things quickly escalated.
Sept. 5, 2019
Detained ASU Students Fuel Chinese American Anxiety
Earlier this week, nine Chinese students at Arizona State University who were returning to the U.S. for the new school year when they were detained by customs officers at Los Angeles International Airport and sent back to China. So, how are Chinese Americans responding to this?
Sept. 5, 2019
Montgomerys Appointment Draws Supporters, Detractors
Gov. Doug Ducey has named Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery to the state Supreme Court. The governor made the announcement via Twitter, framing Montgomery as a justice who will “interpret the law - not someone who wants to write the law.”
Sept. 5, 2019
In Vitro Fertilization Is Largely Unregulated In The U.S.
In vitro fertilization — or IVF — has revolutionized family planning. Couples, or individuals, struggling to become parents can turn to IVF when there seem to be no other options left. The procedure is costly, but that doesn’t stop tens of thousands of families from undergoing the procedure each year.
Sept. 5, 2019
Nearly Half Of Student-Athletes Showing Anxiety, Depression
The National Collegiate Athletic Association, or NCAA, has done research indicating that a significant percentage — nearly half — of student-athletes have experienced clinical or subclinical levels of anxiety. And the percentage is even higher when it comes to depression.
Sept. 5, 2019
Developers, Businesses Seek Partnership With AZ Universities
It’s been clear for a number of years that Arizona’s institutions of higher learning are a driving force in the economy. A lot of credit, in particular, has gone to ASU for the impact its downtown Phoenix campus has had. Grand Canyon University’s decision to expand its West Valley investments has also helped revive nearby areas.
Sept. 5, 2019
Extreme Heat Is A Problem Nationwide, Not Just In The Desert
Arizona and its cities have been working on ways to help residents deal with the heat for years, but a new report points out those heat mitigation efforts and concerns about urban heat islands are no longer confined to the Southwest.
Sept. 5, 2019
Sounds Of The City: Jousting
Listen to Edward Maciejczyk training performers at the Scottsdale Medieval Times.
Sept. 5, 2019
Southwest Key Child Migrant Shelter Reopens In Phoenix
A shelter for migrant children who come to the U.S. illegally has reopened in Phoenix. This is one of two Arizona facilities that were forced to close last year.
Sept. 5, 2019
Flagstaff Public School Close Amid Cybersecurity Concerns
All public schools in Flagstaff are closed today because the district is dealing with a cyber security issue. Spokesperson Zachery Fountain said they found ransomware in the district computer system.
Sept. 5, 2019
Corporation Commission Grills APS On Political Spending
Regulators on Wednesday questioned APS executives on political spending, corporate profits and the death of customer Stephanie Pullman, whose power was disconnected on a 107-degree day in 2018.
Sept. 5, 2019
ASU Scientists Looking For Answers In Mysterious Ancient City
Many archaeologists consider the first big city in the Americas to be Teotihuacán — a city that existed more than 2,000 years ago in Central Mexico. And a team of scientists working out of a little-known Arizona State University lab have long been looking for those answers.
For Phoenix Artist, Ancient Mexican City Teotihuacan Inspires Creativity
Sept. 5, 2019
Phoenix Prepares For Downtown Scooters, Hires Retrieval Company
As Phoenix gears up to launch its pilot program for electric scooters, the council approved a contract with a company to pick up abandoned scooters.
Sept. 5, 2019
CDC Awards States $300 Million To Fight Opioid Epidemic
Arizona will receive $17 million as part of a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC is distributing more than $300 million to help states tackle the opioid crisis.
Sept. 4, 2019