Rare Crocodiles Hatch At Phoenix Reptile Rescue
The Phoenix Herpetological Society is celebrating the first breeding of rare Nile crocodiles. Cronkite News says, the birth of 11 crocodiles is a boost for a species that’s increasingly rare in the wild.
Sep. 10, 2013
Gay Marriage Will Not Be On Ariz. Ballot In 2014
Organizers of an initiative campaign for a 2014 ballot measure to legalize gay marriage in Arizona are dropping that effort in favor of waiting until 2016.  The Equal Marriage Campaign says it had support but that key national advocacy groups withheld backing that was needed to make a 2014 ballot measure.
Sep. 10, 2013
Arizona Petition Could Affect Public Employee Pensions
A new Arizona petition drive could mean some major changes in pensions for public employees.  Republican Party activist Roy Miller is worried about what happened in Detroit, happening here.  His initiative would prohibit cities, counties and school districts from spending increases that exceed inflation and population growth, unless they've adequately funded their pension systems.
Sep. 10, 2013
Effort To Block Medicaid Expansion May Be Insufficient
It looks like a bid to block the Medicaid expansion at the ballot may fall short. The state currently provides for most people below the poverty level of about $19,500 a year, for a family of three. The plan confirmed by state lawmakers would tax hospitals to expand eligibility to 138-percent of the poverty level.
Sep. 10, 2013
ADOT Pumps Flood Waters Off Of Interstate 17 In North Phoenix
Flooding in north Phoenix kept road crews busy pumping water off parts of Interstate 17 on Monday. Pumps working hard at the Deer Valley Road and Interstate 17 pump house. (Photo courtesy of Arizona Department of Transportation) Arizona Department of Transportation had to remove hundreds of thousands of gallons of water in just a few hours.
Sep. 9, 2013
Sedona City Council To Vote On Receiving Dark Sky Label
Sedona City Council will decide whether it is going to take a stand on light pollution. It votes Monday on a resolution to seek approval from the International Dark-Sky Association. The label would both applaud Sedona’s dark skies and set guidelines to keep them that way.
Sep. 9, 2013
Border Technology Contracts Take New Approach
In the coming months, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of contracts will be finalized for new surveillance technology along the Southwest border. The federal government is taking a new approach to awarding these contracts in an effort to avoid past mistakes.
Sep. 9, 2013
Echo Canyon Recreation Area On Schedule For Fall Opening
After months of renovation, two prime hiking trails in Phoenix will open in time for the hiking season. The city closed Echo Canyon at Camelback Mountain in January. The area was in need of modernization and of a new entrance.
Sep. 9, 2013
Forecasters: Valley Stuck Under A Deep Plume Of Tropical Moisture
More than two inches of rain have fallen in some parts of the North Valley, which have lead to power outages, traffic delays and flash-flood warnings. Rain falls at the campus of Grand Canyon University in West Phoenix Monday.
Sep. 9, 2013
Pinal County Sheriff Says Pinal County Board Of Supervisors Is Hiring Criminals
Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is taking on the county government for hiring criminals.  Babeu claims the Pinal County Board of Supervisors is hiring friends and family, knowing they are convicted criminals, and giving them access to classified information.
Sep. 9, 2013
Election Law Key Provisions Targeting Homeowners Associations To Be Stripped Out
Key provisions of an election law signed by Gov. Jan Brewer in June and targeting homeowners associations will be stripped out of the law, under terms of a legal settlement.  All but one of the provisions affecting HOAs will be nullified, after a suit was filed charging the measure violated a constitutional provision that requires bills to address just one subject.
Sep. 9, 2013
Obama Needs To Make A Strong Case For US Military Action, According To McCain
Sen. John McCain said President Obama needs to make a strong case for U.S. military action against Syria when he addresses America Tuesday night.  The senator believes there is a U.S. interest in the conflict.
Sep. 9, 2013
Report: Arizona
A new report said the state's economy is showing some signs of life.  Retail sales in July were up 9 percent from last year for the best July report in 6 years.  Economist Dennis Hoffman of Arizona State University said what makes the growth amazing is that it is taking place with little impact on Arizona's 8 percent jobless rate, but the year-over-year spending increase at bars, restaurants and hotels was much smaller.
Sep. 9, 2013
Elderly Health Care Costs Could Spike Under Federal Health Law
When the Affordable Care Act is fully implemented, many consumers buying health insurance could take a big hit to their checkbooks, and New Mexico may take the biggest hit of all. That's according to a new study that looks to gauge new insurance premiums state by state.
Sep. 9, 2013
Sweat Lodge Ceremony Conviction To Stand
 A jury's decision to convict a self-help author in the deaths of three people following an Arizona sweat lodge ceremony will stand. The state Court of Appeals has granted James Arthur Ray's request to drop his challenge of the case and also dismissed a cross-appeal.
Sep. 9, 2013
Scottsdale City Council Considering Changing Public Safety Ordinance After Club Stabbings
The Scottsdale City Council will consider changes to its public safety ordinance later this week. The action comes after two stabbings at downtown clubs earlier this year. Under the proposed ordinance, clubs will have to file new safety plans that include minimum standards for security personnel.
Sep. 9, 2013
To Slash Food Tax In Half, City Asks For Input
Phoenix residents can weigh in on the future of the city’s controversial food tax this week, as officials host a series of public meetings to discuss the best way to phase it out. In 2010, the city slapped a 2 percent tax on food as an emergency measure to raise cash during the recession, but the city council is now looking for ways to cut the tax in half by January 1, 2014.
Sep. 9, 2013
Fundraiser Underway To Buy Colorado River Water For Mexico Wetlands
A first of its kind private fundraiser to buy water rights to the Colorado River launches in Phoenix this weekend. Environmental groups want to purchase enough water to keep the river flowing south of the border during the severe drought.
Sep. 7, 2013
The Zozobra Goes Up In Flames
A nearly century old New Mexico tradition involves the burning of a 50 foot tall effigy along with the world's gloom.
Sep. 6, 2013