GAO Study: No Measure Of Aircraft Effectiveness Against Wildfires
Despite years of using private aircraft to fight forest fires, the Forest Service and Interior Department do not know how effective the aircraft are against wildfires. That is one of the findings from a study by the Government Accountability Office.
Aug. 29, 2013
The MLK March On Washington - 50 Years On
Wednesday was the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic March on Washington. George Dean was 23 when Martin Luther King Jr. led his historic civil rights march in Washington, D.C.
Aug. 28, 2013
Gov. Brewer Appoints New Adjutant General Of Arizona National Guard
Gov. Jan Brewer has selected a new leader of the Arizona National Guard.  He will replace a general who ran the agency for five years. Brewer appointed Col. Michael McGuire as the next adjutant general of the Arizona National Guard.
Aug. 28, 2013
Mesa Police Arrest 12 For Illegal Sale Of Prescription Drugs
A year-long investigation into the illegal sale of prescription drugs by the Mesa Police Department has resulted in 12 arrests so far. The department’s Street Crimes Unit has spent the last 12 months looking into people who either own or operate Yerberia shops in the Valley.
Aug. 28, 2013
Riding La Bestia, The Immigration Train
In 2010, Fronteras Desk contributor Lorne Matalon rode on a train known as La Bestia (The Beast) ferrying Central Americans through Mexico. That train derailed last weekend, killing at least six Hondurans and critically injuring at least 16 others.
Aug. 28, 2013
Reagan Exploring Secretary Of State Candidacy
A Republican state lawmaker is now officially exploring a possible candidacy for secretary of state. Scottsdale state Sen. Michele Reagan had formed an exploratory committee for her candidacy in December then left the paperwork blank on which office she planned to pursue.
Aug. 28, 2013
Travel Warnings Lifted For Rocky Point
The United States State Department has lifted travel warnings for Rocky Point, a Mexican beach town southwest of Tucson, but travelers should still exercise caution. The Arizona Daily Star said the government recommends using the Lukeville boarder crossing in order to limit driving through Mexico, and the State Department urges U.
Aug. 28, 2013
Voters Split On Opinion Of Gov. Jan Brewer
A new Rocky Mountain poll indicates Arizona voters are divided on the job being done by Republican Gov.Jan Brewer. Jim Haynes is with the Behavior Research Center in Phoenix.  “Thirty-one percent rates the governor highly—that is doing an excellent or good job,” said Jim Haynes with the Behavior Research Center in Phoenix.
Aug. 28, 2013
Police Cannot Sue For Injuries From Rescues
There's a warning this morning that a new appellate court ruling could make police officers think twice about performing rescues. The case involves Department of Public Safety officer Ross Read who permanently injured his knee while rescuing a woman who had flipped her truck.
Aug. 28, 2013
Man Threatens Grocery Store Employees With Meat Tenderizing Mallet
Police in Prescott Valley have arrested a Cottonwood man for threatening workers in a grocery store with a meat tenderizing mallet. Sergeant Brandon Bonney said 34-year-old Jason Thrift was taken into custody after he could not locate his wife and 18-month-old child.
Aug. 28, 2013
Waring, DiCiccio Re-Elected, Other Races Go To Run-Off
Four Phoenix City Council seats were up for a vote in Tuesday's election, and there will be a runoff election for two of the seats. Incumbents Jim Waring and Sal DiCiccio secured re-election in Districts 2 and 6.
Aug. 28, 2013
Maricopa County Attorney
A judge has ruled the Maricopa County Attorney's Office can move forward with plans to retry a high-profile murder case. :Debra Milke’s lawyers had argued the county attorney’s office was pursuing the case for political reasons.
Aug. 27, 2013